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Pizza is by far the most popular food delivery item in the country. Unfortunately, it has become more and more expensive these days to get great pizza delivered to your house. Luckily for you, FoodBoss went out and found who delivers the cheapest pizza in Dallas so you can get a delicious meal delivered to your house at a terrific low cost. By comparing multiple food delivery services at once at each of these restaurants, FoodBoss can identify which food delivery service has the lowest fees allowing you to get the same food delivery meal at the lowest cost possible. Why pay excessive delivery fees and service fees? Avoid them with ease using FoodBoss.

Here is a bulleted list of our great options. Read below for a more in depth look into each of these great pizza restaurants in Dallas.


  1. Bellatrino Pizzeria
  2. Stonedeck Pizza Pub
  3. Tutta's Pizza
  4. Checkered Past Winery
  5. Carmine's Pizza
  6. La Gourmet Pizza
  7. Italia Express
  8. Coal Vines - Uptown
  9. State & Allen
  10. Amico's Exotic Pizza
  11. Sweet Wilma's Vegan Pizzas
  12. Rocco's Uptown Pizza & Pasta
  13. Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar
  14. Grimaldi's Pizzeria
  15. Greenville Avenue Pizza Co.
  16. Sal's Pizza & Restaurant
  17. Cane Rosso
  18. Pizza Getti
  19. Dante's Pizza
  20. Verona Italian Restaurant

A well garnished pizza
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Read below to see which pizza restaurants in Dallas offer the cheapest pizza delivery. We include both high end and more casual eateries on this list. No matter what you have in mind, you’ll be able to find a great option for your next food delivery meal. If you see something you like here, click through to order today and know you’re getting the cheapest pizza delivery price possible.

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Originally a food truck, Bellatrino Pizzeria now has a location open inside the Dallas Farmers Market. Bellatrino offers Neapolitan pizza with high quality ingredients in a comfortable and laid back setting. Get it delivered today and find a great deal.

Stonedeck Pizza Pub located in Deep Ellum is notable for its hand-crafted, made from scratch pies. With multiple food delivery partners, you can easily find cheap pizza delivery from Stonedeck Pizza Pub every day of the week.

Tutta’s Pizza in the West End is a hip restaurant that offers great pizza options as well as salads, sandwiches, and wings. If you’re in the mood for great pizza, or another delicious snack, Tutta’s Pizza is a great cheap delivery option in Dallas.

Voted one of the Best Wine Bars in Dallas, Checkered Past Winery also surprisingly offers some cheap pizza delivery. With a menu full of Italian options to compliment their tremendous list of wine options, Checkered Past Winery is a more upscale option on this list.

Carmine’s has multiple locations across the city of Dallas. This chain offers New York Style Pizza in a fast, casual setting. With both dine-in and take-out options, Carmine’s makes the list because of its generally low delivery fees on any order.

La Gourmet Pizza has been serving the Dallas community since 2004. And since then, they have been a delicious option for cheap pizza delivery. With FoodBoss, you can order one of their incredibly tasty, hand-made from scratch pizzas straight to you door.

Wood Fire Pizza Oven in Dallas
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Multiple locations across the city make Italia Express accessible to all who are looking for a quick but delicious option for pizza delivery in Dallas. Our data shows they often have low delivery fees meaning you can find cheap pizza delivery in Dallas at reasonable prices. While it might not be the greatest pizza you’ve ever had, it will be cheap and it should be quick.

On the upscale side of the list we find Coal Vines located in Uptown. This pizza and wine bar is a great option for New York Style Pizza as well as other modern Italian dishes. Now with a few locations open across the state, each location remains true to the founders vision to bring great Italian dining to his guests.

State & Allen pairs excellent food with great cocktails and an extensive wine list. This local favorite boasts a great patio, but more importantly, reasonable pizza delivery prices. The kitchen offers a wide variety of foods in addition to pizza such as salads, burgers, and brunch. Try it all with low delivery fees from State & Allen.

While it may not be the best tasting pizza in the world, Amico’s Exotic Pizza makes the list because you can often get it delivered for free. Use FoodBoss or download their app to find the best delivery deal and get cheap pizza delivery from Amico’s Exotic Pizza.

Sweet Wilma’s Vegan Pizzas is a unique addition to this list. You can’t actually eat at the restaurant because it doesn’t exist! It’s a ghost kitchen meaning you can only get it delivered to your house. They offer amazing vegan pizza options sure to satisfy and gluten-free diner. Order today!

Rocco’s Uptown Pizza & Pasta is a family owned restaurant in Uptown (duh) that serves great New York Style Pizza as well as other classic Italian-American dishes such as mozzarella sticks and pepperoni rolls. Find cheap pizza delivery from Rocco’s everyday and enjoy their wide variety of menu items in the comfort of your own home.

Cheese Pizza from Dallas
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Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar has three Dallas locations and a fourth opening soon. They are serious about their pizza making process and your reward is a mouth watering masterpiece you’re sure to enjoy. Get it delivered today without having to leave your couch for a low cost with FoodBoss.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is a brick oven pizzeria in the Uptown neighborhood. Focused exclusively on crafting delicious pizzas, Grimaldi’s offers delivery from multiple partners. Luckily for you, this means you will always be able to compare delivery fees on FoodBoss to find the cheapest pizza delivery fee at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria.

Greenville Avenue Pizza Co. specializes in wings, sandwiches, pasta, and of course, pizza. Opened over 10 years ago, they offer food delivery and by comparing multiple services at once with FoodBoss, you can always find the lowest fees for pizza delivery.

This is a laid back and casual pizza restaurant. Open for over 30 years, Sal’s has been serving the community for decades. Get their New York Style Pizza delivered straight to your door at amazingly low costs. You can find cheap pizza delivery fees from Sal’s Pizza & Restaurant with FoodBoss everyday.

With restaurants open across the state, Cane Rosso was first opened in Dallas in 2011 in the Deep Ellum District. Fresh never frozen ingredients are vital to the pizza making process at Cane Rosso. Get cheap pizza delivery from Cane Rosso by comparing food delivery services side-by-side with FoodBoss.

Opened in East Dallas in 1968, Pizza Getti is a tried and true staple for pizza lovers in Dallas for years. Also serving sandwiches, salads, and pasta, Pizza Getti is a casual, quick bite restaurant with great delivery options.

With two Dallas locations, Dante’s Pizza won’t blow you away with fancy over the top and elaborate dishes, but instead serves simple and classic pizza with other Italian dishes. Order delivery or catering today from Dante’s. With FoodBoss, you can always find the lowest delivery fees for Dante’s Pizza.

Verona Italian Restaurant is another casual dining option on this list that also offers food delivery which you can usually find for a relatively cheap price. In addition to pizza, you can order delicious seafood dishes at Verona’s.

There you have it. We picked the best 20 options in Dallas we could find on our site that offer cheap pizza delivery in Dallas. If you're hungry at home and in the mood for pizza, try one of these great options from the comfort of your own house. And make sure you find the lowest delivery food fee with FoodBoss. Never again pay more for food delivery than you have to.

To order from any of these great restaurants, click on the link provided and you'll be redirected to the FoodBoss order page. Compare total delivery fees based on your location and pick the cheapest or fastest delivery option.

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