The largest city in North Carolina, Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Bank of America is headquartered here, making Charlotte the second largest banking center in the country. Notable attractions include the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Charlotte Ballet, and Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. Residents in Charlotte root for the Carolina Panthers of the NFL and Charlotte Hornets of the NBA in addition to other minor league teams based in the city. The Yiasou Greek Festival is held annually here where you can find live music, entertainment, and Greek cuisine.

Uptown Charlotte, NC at night.
Photo by Wes Hicks / Unsplash
Iconic Neighborhoods


Situated on the southeast side of the city, Charlotte’s Elizabeth neighborhood is home to some of the city’s top fine-dining establishments like Passion8 Bistro, Customshop, Cajun Queen and The Fig Tree Restaurant. Elizabeth boasts tree-lined streets that are much more walkable than other neighborhoods in the city and the Elizabeth Historic District gives the area a quaint small town vibe. Explore this historic Charlotte neighborhood by riding one of the city’s modern-day streetcars.  


Dilworth was the first suburb in Charlotte to make extensive use of the streetcars that emerged in the city in 1891. Located south of the city center, the streetcars shuttled people back and forth between downtown Charlotte and this residential neighborhood. There are excellent shopping options all along East Boulevard, which runs through the heart of the neighborhood and includes many boutique clothing stores. Latta Park offers the residents green space in the middle of the residential neighborhood, and all across Dilworth, you can find great restaurants such as The Mayobird, The Packhouse, or the Summit Room.

Charlotte Cuisine

Peach Cobbler

This dessert is popular all across the South as well as the rest of the country. Made similarly to a pie, Peach Cobbler is often served with a scoop of ice cream to make it even sweeter, which makes it the perfect compliment to any food delivery order. Add it to your next food delivery order from Charlotte restaurants such as Sunset Soul Food or Shane’s Rib Shack.

Eastern-Style Barbeque

The debate over what style of BBQ is best is not going away any time soon. Personally, we are of the opinion that none is inherently better than any other. Each is simply unique to its region. For example, Eastern-Style BBQ is unique because it is made by cooking the entire animal over an open fire pit. You’ll find lots of great options for BBQ in Charlotte. We recommend The Improper Pig and Rock Store Bar-B-Q for your next BBQ food delivery meal.

Fried Green Tomatoes

It is rare a food dish ends up with a famous movie named after it (especially ones with such a strange name). However, Fried Green Tomatoes has that honor which proves how popular and well known this dish is. Fried Green Tomatoes are made by thinly slicing tomatoes, seasoning them, coating them each in some cornmeal or flour, and then frying them until crispy and golden brown. A treat during the summer months, it is a must try appetizer if you find yourself in a southern city such as Charlotte. Order them for delivery today from restaurants such as Flying Biscuit Cafe or Tupelo Honey in Charlotte.