It’s no secret that one of the best parts about the holidays is the insane amount of delicious food to eat. I’m no chef myself, so when it comes to getting a delicious meal in my stomach, I’m usually looking to do the least amount of work possible. If you’re anything like me during the holiday season, fortunately for you, I’ve compiled a list of the best holiday foods that can be delivered right through your door. The best part? You can order through FoodBoss and save time and money on your order!

  1. Drink: Starbucks Peppermint Mocha

Starbucks’ peppermint mocha is my go-to coffee drink for the holiday season. It is the perfect mix of flavors that leaves my mouth with the sweet taste of pepperminty cocoa and rich espresso. It’s important to stay caffeinated during the busyness of the holidays, after all. I usually like mine with an extra shot and sometimes another dollop of whipped cream, if I’m in the mood. What’s great about Starbucks’ holiday drinks is that there are so many ways to customize them. And if chocolate isn’t your favorite flavor, they offer other festive drinks like the Eggnog or Caramel Brulee latte to keep you in the Christmas spirit. Find a Starbucks location in Chicago, Dallas, New York, or L.A.

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2. Appetizer: Soup

A hearty bowl of soup is always perfect for a cold day! And it can be made a satisfying appetizer if you’re looking for something light before a main meal. I think the best part about a bowl of soup is it’s versatility. With the options of cracker crumbles, cooked veggies and rice, or a puree of seasonal squash, a bowl of soup can also have some seriously well-rounded nutritional content.


My best suggestion for you Chicagoans is Soupbox. Serving 12 fresh soups daily, this is definitely the place to be for soup lovers. Soupbox also offers build-your-own sandwiches and freshly baked cookies to accompany your bowl!


The East Hampton Sandwich Co. is a hip and upbeat sandwich and salad restaurant that also features soup on their menu. The roasted corn and shrimp option with maple bacon definitely sounds the most enticing.


The L.A. joint, Fundamental, also features many unique salads and soups on their menu. However, their vegan soup options, including a coconut curry and tortilla and avocado, are what really make it a hit with Los Angeles locals.

New York:

Good Stock has a daily menu of fresh soup combinations, and they specialize in delivery. With two locations on Carmine St. and Urbandspace and Vanderbilt, they are constantly sharing their delicious soup recipes with hungry customers!

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3. Main dish: Honey baked Ham

Honey baked Ham is definitely a Christmas favorite. There’s nothing better than some sweet meat for a savory holiday meal. It’s great to pair with other sides like the mac and cheese that  I mentioned above, and perfect for sharing with family and friends. The Honey baked Ham Co. has plenty of options to meet your holiday needs, including bone-in ham, boneless, turkey, and a plethora of signature sides. Check out where you can order delicious honeybaked ham in your location: L.A., Chicago, New York, and Dallas!

4. Sides: Mac and Cheese

Although this dish is traditionally served around Thanksgiving, I think it can be enjoyed year round. It’s the perfect comfort food to cozy up with on your couch on a winter’s day. There are many places to get your hands on some of this cheesy goodness, but my personal favorite is from Noodle’s, because I know I can get it anywhere. If you’re looking for a more unique take on this cheesy goodness, check out the places listed below.


If you’re in the windy city, check out the Chicago Grilled Cheese and Mac Factory, which specializes in their mac and cheese combinations and sandwiches. Try the Lobster or blackened shrimp mac for a seafood flair or the southern BBQ for an intense flavor pairing of cheddar and tangy BBQ.


Central Mac in Dallas also offers some unique mac and cheese combos that will definitely spark your interest. Their ‘Italiano’ mac with salami, capicola, and italian sausage definitely caught my eye, as well as the ‘Forget Paris’ with brussel sprouts and crumbly feta.


L.A.’s popular mac restaurant, Mac’d, let’s you customize your bowl. The build-your-own option offers toppings like shrimp, crab, bacon, chicken, and a few vegetables as well. You can even tailor your mac right down to the cheese sauce and type of noodles!

New York:

For those of you in New York, try Mac Shack; a quaint restaurant with creative takes on the traditional dish. Similar to the options listed in the other cities above, they offer many  mouth watering signature specials, including vegan options for those with dietary restrictions!

5. Dessert: Pie

It’s no holiday without dessert, and with the endless flavors of pies available, you can’t go wrong! Pumpkin pie usually takes the win as my favorite, but other popular options like pecan, apple, french silk, and white peppermint definitely make my mouth water.


Hoosier Mama Pie Co. is a Chicago and Evanston based shop offering sweet and savory bakery items with an old-timey feel. Their extensive pie list also includes quiches and other delectable pastries to complete your holiday dessert

Dallas:Dallas is home to The BIRD bakery, with plenty of delicious homemade desserts to try.

However, it’s clear that their seasonal pies take the cake as far as holiday desserts go. Their pumpkin, honey cheesecake, and chocolate pecan are most fitting to enjoy after a festive meal with loved ones.


The L.A. area and surrounding towns of Orange County, Pasadena, and Hollywood, are all central to The Pie Hole’s delicious delivery sweets. Their motto that “Pie is Love” is reflected in all of their dessert creations. Share some love (and pie) this holiday season by ordering a pie from the L.A. Pie Hole!

New York:

Known as “The absolute pest pie in NYC“, Peetie’s Pie Co. carries fruit, nut, and chess pies, along with my personal favorite, the custard pies! Their menu also offers a selection of beer and wines to accompany your pie order, perfect to top off a full meal of festive foods.

Peanut butter pie with a Ritz cracker crust.
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