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Pizza is perhaps the most iconic of all Chicago dishes so it is not very surprising you can find tons of great pizzerias across the city. Pizza options range from classic Chicago Deep Dish to traditional New York Thin Crust and from classic Neapolitan style pies to contemporary takes featuring bold, unique flavors. This list includes some of the most quintessential and classic Chicago pizzerias alongside newcomers to the Chicago pizza scene. One thing they all have in common is the ability to make a delicious slice of pizza that keeps customers coming back week after week.

Here is a bulleted list of our great options. Read below for a more in depth look into each of these great pizza restaurants in Dallas.

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Per usual this time of year in Chicago the weather is starting to take a turn for the worst. Luckily, you can order food delivery from any pizza restaurant on this list and get an amazing meal delivered right to your door. Scroll through our list of the Top 20 Pizza Restaurants in Chicago to find where you should order your next food delivery meal.

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Volare, 4.6 Stars, $$

Located just off Michigan Avenue in Streeterville, Volare is a family owned restaurant that has been around for over 20 years now. The restaurant retains the look and feel of a classic Italian restaurant and serves traditional Italian cuisine, including great pizza options.

Bonci Pizzeria, 4.7 Stars, $$

No set menu and fully customizable pizzas made in the “Al Taglio” style makes this pizzeria one of the best in Chicago. With a focus on quality above all else, this West Loop pizzeria is a must try in Chicago.

Rosati’s Pizza, 4.2 Stars, $$

What started as a small family enterprise has grown to become a nationwide chain of top notch pizza joints. For over 50 years, Rosati’s Pizza has been a staple of the Chicago pizza scene and today you can find locations in the city in Lincoln Park, the Loop, and Little Italy.

Pauly’s Pizzeria, 4.1 Stars, $

Located in South Loop on State Street and right nearby Columbia College Chicago, Pauly’s Pizzeria is a great spot to find New York Style Pizza in Chicago as well as classic Deep Dish.

Salerno’s Pizza, 4.5 Stars, $$

Salerno’s Pizza has been serving up authentic Italian cuisine since 1966. With a handful of locations scattered across the suburbs, you can find the original location in West Town along with some of the best pizza in the city.

Art of Pizza on State Street, 4.3 Stars, $

Boasting multiple “Best Deep Dish in Chicago” awards from the likes of Thrillest and The Chicago Tribune, Art of Pizza on State Street is another fantastic option for those in search of the best pie in South Loop.

Italian Village, 4.4 Stars, $$

A collection of three separate restaurants in the same building, Italian Village claims to house the oldest Italian restaurant in the city, The Village, which was founded in 1927. You can find great pizza here at their location on Monroe in the heart of the Loop.

D'Agostino's Pizza & Pub, 4.2 Stars, $$

Family owned and operated since it opened in 1968, D'Agostino's Pizza & Pub is one of the more well known thin crust pizza restaurants in Chicago. Locations in Wrigleyville and River West provide great alternatives to the classic Chicago Deep Dish style.

Pizzeria Due, 4.3 Stars, $$

Opened by the founder of Pizzeria Uno’s when his original restaurant ran out of space, Pizzeria Due is often credited as the birthplace of Deep Dish Pizza. Located in River North, Pizzeria Due is located in an old Victorian era mansion that gives this place a classic vibe.

Paula & Monica's Pizzeria, 4.4 Stars, $

Focused on pan and thin crust pizza, Paula & Monica’s Pizzeria is a local staple in the Noble Square neighborhood and within the greater West Town area.

Forno Rosso, 4.5 Stars, $$

In the heart of West Loop on W. Randolph lies the highly awarded and decorated Forno Rosso restaurant. This pizzeria specializes specifically in Pizza Napoletana and we highly recommend you try them out.

Vapiano, 4.3 Stars, $$

Now with over 200 restaurants worldwide, Vapiano has seen tremendous growth since it was founded about 15 years ago. With many classic Italian dishes available, make sure to try their pizza.

Boni Vino Ristorante & Pizzeria, 3.9 Stars, $$

This casual locale is home to some tasty Italian meals including a great assortment of pizza options. Located south in the Loop on Van Buren, Boni Vino is a no frills restaurant with all the classics available for reasonable prices.

Gino’s East, 4.2 Stars, $$

Another classic Chicago Style Pizza joints, Gino’s East has multiple locations across the city in South Loop, River North, Streeterville, and Lakeview. The recipe hasn’t changed much since this place opened over 50 years ago in the city and people still love it.

Homeslice, 4.5 Stars, $$

A millennial pizza lovers paradise, Homeslice’s menu is full of an eclectic mix of pizza options ranging from tried and true classics to weird, quirky, and sometimes just baffling concoctions. Located in Lincoln Park just steps from the DePaul campus, Homeslice is popular not only for its great food but also it’s energetic and lively atmosphere.

Parlor Pizza, 4.4 Stars, $$

Parlor Pizza serves Neapolitan inspired pizzas at their three locations in River North, Wicker Park, and West Loop. Popular as a summer happy hour destination as much as a source of great pizza, each Parlor Pizza location has a great atmosphere worth checking out.

Amato’s Pizza, 4.0 Stars, $

With three Chicagoland locations, Amato’s has been serving up pizza since 1966. With one location downtown in Lincoln Park, it should absolutely be on the bucket list of any true pizza lover in search of the perfect slice.

Pizza Studio, 4.0 Stars, $

With locations across the country, and even some locations in Canada, you won’t find any classic Chicago Deep Pizza here. Instead, you’ll find more gourmet crafted menu items at this restaurant on Huron over in Streeterville.

Lou Malnati’s, 4.5 Stars, $$

Perhaps the most well known pizza restaurant in Chicago, Lou Malnati’s is famous for popularizing Chicago Style Pizza. With over 50 locations across the city and country, Lou Malnati’s is a popular destination for both visitors to the city and native Chicagoans.

Primo’s Chicago Pizza, 4.3 Stars, $

Primo’s is a basic and straightforward option for the classic Italian cuisine lover. There’s no need for elaborate or over the top recipes here. You’ll find the classic Italian dishes at this pizza joint in Greektown.

Here it is, our complete list of the top 20 pizza restaurants in Chicago. Any pizza aficionado owes it to themselves to try as many of these great pizza joints as possible. Whether or not you’re looking for classic Chicago Deep Dish, New York Style, or something in between, you can find any type of pizza imaginable at one of these restaurants.

Written by: Robert Burns

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