Hey there - Welcome to FoodBoss! We find the best food delivery options for everyone. Join us and be the Boss of your food delivery experience!

Are you tired of paying $5, $6, $7 or more in fees for a food delivery order? Does it leave a bad taste in your mouth? Have you ever waited over an hour for the food driver to finally arrive?

We've all been there. And it sucks. We set out to fix the food delivery game - but we're not a food delivery company. FoodBoss compares the delivery fees and delivery time estimates from multiple food delivery services across thousands of restaurants.

We compare what different delivery apps charge for delivery from the same restaurants and you pick the best option to order from. Currently we are in over 50 cites across the United States!

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Read more about how FoodBoss' history and how we're changing the food delivery game.

A few years back, our founder was looking to order food with a group of friends. What should have been a simple task was complicated with the multitude of different food delivery apps each with different fee structures, available restaurants, various delivery time estimates, and confusing offers.

Basically, food delivery was chaotic. He realized there should be one place where you can find all this information easily - as he used to say, "like Kayak for flights, but for food delivery."

And with that - FoodBoss was born.

In the beginning, FoodBoss was known as Bootler. After an initial beta period, where we learned and deciphered the in's and out's of the food delivery world, Bootler was live.

On a mission to save people money and time on food delivery, Bootler was comparing delivery fees and time estimates from our delivery partners.

In summer 2018, Bootler officially re-branded as FoodBoss and welcomed a new website design!

In March 2019, with our user base continuing to grow, FoodBoss secured more than $2 million in funding led by former McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson’s venture-capital firm, Cleveland Avenue.

Since then, we've continued to add more features on both the site and the app. We've also expanded our team quite a bit and subsequently moved into a new office space.

We're looking forward to 2020 and expect it to be a big year for both FoodBoss and the food delivery industry in general. We want to make ordering food delivery as easy and simple as possible, while also saving people like you time and money.

Even recently we've been getting more and more mentions in the media as people realize that something like FoodBoss is needed to make food delivery easier for consumers.

It's been great to see and we're excited to see where this year takes us!

Boss Out