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Best Meal Prep Companies: Meal Prep Delivery from the Top Services

Check out these top meal prep services for your next meal. With a variety of different options, each of these meal prep companies caters to different food and lifestyle tastes. With our information on price and availability, you can be sure to pick the best company for your next meal prep order!

1. Blue Apron

Check out Blue Apron here

Cost: starting at $8.74

Delivery: Nationwide (excluding Hawaii and Alaska)

Founded in 2012, Blue Apron is one of the most established meal prep companies out there. With a variety of options, Blue Apron allows you to easily customize the options you want for the week. With millions of meals delivered to customers already, Blue Apron is our top meal prep services pick.

2. Sun Basket

Check out Sun Basket here

Cost: starting at $10.99

Delivery: Nationwide

With a commitment to organic produce and healthy eating, Sun Basket is an excellent option for the Whole Foods enthusiast looking to start cooking at home for themselves. Not only is all the food organic, non-GMO, and uber healthy, but it is also customizable to your dietary restrictions. They offer vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and lean & clean options.

3. Plated

Check out Plated here

Cost: starting at $12.00

Delivery: Nationwide (excluding Hawaii and Alaska)

With over 20 options available per week, you’ll be sure to find some delicious at home food options with Plated. Plated offers you many different options when it comes to the volume of dishes. You decide how many days you want meals delivered per week and the number of servings each night making it a fantastic option for busy families who can choose the four servings a night option.

4. PeachDish

Check out PeachDish here

Cost: starting at $12.50

Delivery: Nationwide (excluding Hawaii and Alaska)

PeachDish has a history of commitment to the communities where it does business. They use only produce from local farmers which will provide you with the freshest options as well as peace of mind knowing you did your small part for the local economy.

5. Kettlebell Kitchen

Check out Kettlebell Kitchen here

Cost: starting at $5.00

Delivery: Select cities in the Midwest and East Coast

Kettlebell Kitchen is perfect for the pre-made meal prep all-star who's serious about setting healthy and workout oriented goals. After entering your height, weight, and health goals, Kettlebell Kitchen will customize a plane created by nutritionists catered to your specific needs. Options include fat loss, muscle gain, paleo, vegetarian, endurance, and more.

6. Territory

Check out Territory Foods here

Cost: starting at $10.00

Delivery: Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, California

Much like Kettlebell Kitchen, Territory’s team of nutritionists and trainers cater meal plans to your lifestyle and health goals. With a commitment to giving back, Territory is on a mission to expand healthy eating by donating food and their own time.

7. HelloFresh

Check out Hello Fresh here

Cost: starting at $8.75

Delivery: Nationwide (excluding Hawaii and Alaska)

If you’re tired of getting takeout every night, but don’t have the skills to become the next Iron Chef, have no fear because HelloFresh has your back. With ten different recipes offered each week, HelloFresh sends you high-quality ingredients with easy-to-follow instructions for you to cook alongside with. Rather than Googling “cheap delivery near me” for the third time this week, sign up for HelloFresh and get your chef on.

8. Pete’s Paleo

Check out Pete's Paleo

Cost: starting at $25.00

Delivery: Nationwide

Rather than worrying about whether your next meal is considered Paleo, save yourself time and energy on your next meal prep order with Pete’s Paleo. Upon ordering a meal from Pete’s, chefs choose from produce harvested the same day, giving you the freshest ingredients possible from the meal prep services. With a constantly rotating menu consisting of protein-packed dishes like Grass Fed Beef Burgers, Mediterranean Chicken Thighs, and Turkey with Heirloom Tomato, Pete’s could be the solution to your next Paleo fix.

9. Freshly

Check out Freshly here

Cost: starting at $8.99

Delivery: 21 states

Freshly has created a deep catalog of gluten-free, all-natural meals which are precooked, allowing you to have your protein-packed meal ready in under three minutes. Whether you are in the mood for BBQ Pulled Pork, Grilled Chicken Risotto, or a delicious Shrimp & Andouille Paella, Freshly has your back in the blink of an eye.

10. Home Chef

Check out Home Chef here

Cost: starting at $9.95

Delivery: Nationwide (excluding Hawaii and Alaska)

If you consider yourself more advanced than a novice chef in the kitchen, Home Chef is the meal prep delivery service for you. Similar to HelloFresh, Home Chef sends you fresh ingredients to create delicious meals with, saving you precious time in the grocery store searching for the right ingredients. With options like Yang-Yang Beef, Turkey and Avocado Tostadas, and Fig & Goat Cheese Flatbread, you’ll be sure to impress your family and friends with these masterful creations courtesy of Home Chef.


As meal prep services become more popular, having a complete guide to all the options is more important than ever. These top meal prep websites all offer a variety of different options. We hope this list helps you make an informed decision about what meal prep companies are best suited for your lifestyle.

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Written By: Ellie Kinney

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