This is true!

Uber purchased Postmates earlier this month, but you can continue to use Postmates to get all the food you crave. Even though the deal between Uber and Postmates was reached a few weeks back, the purchase still requires regulatory approval, and likely won’t be completed for months. What this means for hungry consumers in the meantime, is that you can continue to order all the awesome restaurants you love on your Postmates app through your account.

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It’s unlikely that Uber will ever completely shut down the Postmates brand, which is so strong and commands and captivates such allegiance and passion from its users. It’s more likely they will keep the brand separate from Uber Eats while taking over the management and working to cut costs and drive towards greater efficiency.

In the meantime, there won’t be much different for consumers. And remember, always compare the different delivery fees and time estimates different companies charge so you can always get the food you want at the best possible price with FoodBoss.

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