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If you’re constantly bothered by food delivery estimates times that take far too long, you should avoid ordering at peak hours. If you use food delivery to order dinner at 6:30pm or lunch every day right at noon, chances are you’ve occasionally been disappointed at long wait times on your meals to be delivered. Demand for food delivery is higher at these times of day, as well as late nights on the weekends, when more people than usual are looking to for the convenience of food delivery.

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6pm Friday is most often the busiest hour in the week for food delivery. If you order at this time, you can expect to see longer wait times than usual. If it’s absolutely necessary you order at this time, use FoodBoss to select the service with the fastest delivery time estimate from your preferred restaurant. If you would like to completely avoid the hassle of waiting, here are some simple tips.

1. Plan Ahead

  • If you know you’re going to be ordering food delivery that day, plan ahead your meal schedule so you can order slightly before or after the peak hours.

2. Order Nearby

  • If it’s a busy time of day, you can shorten the delivery time by ordering from restaurants that are closer to you. The further a courier has to drive to drop off your order, the longer it will take, but more importantly, the more likely they are to get stuck in heavy traffic.

3. Consider Pick-Up

  • FoodBoss lets you search for restaurants in your area that offer not only delivery, but also pick-up/carry-out options. Use this method if you want to avoid the problem of slow delivery times in its entirety.

Food delivery is certainly one of the most convenient ways to get food. Over the last few years, as more and more people have turned to food delivery as a viable option for many of their meals, demand has grown dramatically. As a result, occasionally there are times where the number of couriers available just can’t keep pace and delivery times increase 10%, 20% or more. These are a few tips so you can find alternative solutions to get the same food, but with much less waiting around.

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