This is a Fact!

In certain cities, food delivery availability hours through restaurants or third-party delivery apps will be different this week. Restaurants and food delivery companies have been adjusting their opening times, or in some cases temporarily closing, to accommodate nationwide protests.

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In certain cities, such as Chicago, food delivery apps may even shut down as late-night curfews remain in force. This week especially, it’s most important for people to stay safe. This is why many restaurants will be temporarily closed or open with reduced hours, and why delivery services have ceased delivery in certain areas.

Restaurant closed sign - stay safe

As hours and availability are in flux for the foreseeable future, people should take this into account and be prepared ahead of time if food delivery won’t be available when they’re looking to order food. Simple steps, like getting additional groceries this week, will help you prepare if food delivery remains limited.

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Check curfew hours where you live and call ahead to restaurants if you want to order food and aren’t sure if they’re still open.