Looking for places to satisfy your Burger cravings? With over 8 locations around the Chicago area, Epic Burger is there to serve you a more mindful burger, but is it really that Epic?

Epic Burger was founded in Chicago in 2008 with the goal serving simple, unprocessed, and natural food at an affordable price point. It was relieving knowing that I won’t be eating any heavily processed food to make me feel guilty for cheating on my so called “diet”.

My favorite thing about the chain restaurant is its’ simplicity. I visited the location by Lincoln Park. The Epic Burger menu options are limited but enough to satisfy that meat cravings. The service is exceptionally fast and efficient- just what you’d expect. There are also plenty of seats even during the rush hour. Oh actually, I lied- my favorite part of the visit were the featured showcasing of Bob’s Burger episode where Tina Belcher falls in love with a horse and the FOOD.

During my visit, I opted for the Combo #3, which is the choice of any Classic Burger/Sandwich , Fries/Salad, and Shake. I couldn’t really justify the reason for ordering all of the food, but main reason being- Go big or go home and maybe Tina Belcher said something inspirational on TV. However, It is a great deal ($11.99) for the quantity and the quality of the food. For that reason, the place is full of college students from Depaul and making it a great hangout spot.

As for the burger, I chose the most popular item on the menu- Epic Burger Classic, the meat is all natural Premium Black Angus Beef. I was feeling extra, so I added the nitrate free bacon. It ended up being a great choice because the bacon and the house sauce complimented the meaty burger. The house sauce reminded of the secret sauce from Mcdonald's. It seems like burger companies are getting elusive with their sauces. I also liked the added crispy pickles and lettuce because it added more character to the burger.

The fries are cut in-house daily, so you know you’re getting some fresh, non-soggy fries. The place is busy and the employees are diligently making fresh fries, so it’s basically lit- as fries are concerned. I really like the thickness of the fries to the point that I want to send Christmas cards to whoever cuts the fries in the mornings. I dipped my fries in barbeque sauce to give it extra flavor and had to take most of it home to microwave later. You really get a good amount of food for your money!

As for the milkshake, I went with the strawberry handmade premium shake. If you aren’t fully non-dedicated to your diet (unlike me), you have the option to go with skinny shakes that have 35% fewer calories. The skinny shakes are made with fat free yogurt and organic fat free milk. While the premium shakes are made with all natural ice cream and organic whole milk.

I really enjoyed the thickness and the creaminess of the shake. It was simply delicious! In my next visit, I definitely want to try the skinny chocolate shake.

At the end of the day, Epic Burger wants to cater delicious, quality food with that’s made with premium ingredients to their customers. In that aspect, Epic Burger is truly EPIC, and Epic Burger reviews state that! Not many companies want to take on the challenge of transforming traditionally unhealthy American foods such as-burgers and milkshakes to cater the growing health conscious, niche society.

If it’s too much of a hassle for you to get out of the house to visit one of the eight locations, you can use FoodBoss to get your Epic Burger delivery. If it doesn’t deliver to your home, FoodBoss can still help you find the perfect burger- while you binge watch Bob’s Burger in your sweats.

Written By: Ellie Kinney

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Author Bio: Ellie is a Loyola Chicago student studying Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Visual Communication. As a Minneapolis native and study abroad participant, she has a passion for traveling, and trying new foods along the way. Ellie admires the foodie communities of each of the cities she resides in and channels their excitement about food in all of her writing.