An Introduction to Fuzzy's Pizza & Cafe

Fuzzy's Pizza & Cafe is a sit down, yet still laid back and relaxed pizzeria in Houston. They offer guests a wide variety of pizza options across the full spectrum of pizza types. Everything from Chicago style to Neapolitan and New York style pizzas are available here at Fuzzy's Pizza & Cafe. This along with the great reviews they constantly receive is why they were recently included in our Best Pizza Restaurants in Houston article. Keep scrolling for more information about Fuzzy's Pizza & Cafe below!

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Here is a quick overview of Fuzzy's Pizza & Cafe from Google Reviews:

Fuzzy's Pizza & Cafe

823 Antoine Dr, Houston, TX 77024, United States

Laid-back pie joint serving neighborhood clientele Chicago-, Neapolitan- & New York-style pies.

Reservations required · Happy hour drinks · Breakfast

4.2 Stars, 602 Reviews, $$

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Fuzzy’s Pizza & Cafe in Houston strives to serve delicious pizza at a reasonable cost in a casual, but clean restaurant environment. They have happy hour drinks and also serve breakfast, a rarity for a pizza restaurant.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Fuzzy's Pizza & Cafe. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Fuzzy's Pizza & Cafe to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

never knew about Fuzzy's pizza until they moved to the same plaza as my work place. I went there with my friend on their day one! First off the place was empty because they're new, that's expected. We did hear that some regulars came to the new location so they're definitely worth going to if regulars are coming to a new location! My friend ordered a large margarita pizza for me with a salad because at the time I couldn't eat  meat. The margarita pizza was good- first time for me. The tomato was juicey and the crust was crispy! I just wouldn't order the pizza again because it was kind of bland for me as I'm more for salty foods like pepporoni or sausage. I came back the next day for a pepporoni and jalapeno pizza. Much better! I definitely love the taste! The owner, Jimmy, also gave me a sample of their in-house salad dressing with a small salad and it was so delicious! I asked for ranch which also turns out to be in- house as well! It's much more creamy than a regular bottle of ranch dressing. I would definitely come back more and more whenever I crave pizza. It's so good! Great for large groups and a simple dinner! They are also hiring so definitely a great place for first time students who are looking for work experience to start out at!

Review 2:

I've tried several menu items and overall the pizza is the best food served here. There are several types of Italian cuisine served here, but I was a little disappointed in some of the non-pizza dishes. However, I have never been disappointed in the pizza. When I go here alone, I usually get 2 large slices of pizza and a drink for around $9-10 tax included. I have bought entire pizzas when I'm with a lot of people. The pizza crust is thick and the toppings are very plentiful, plus the quality of the pizza ingredients is very high. They have free WiFi and two big screen TVs for watching sporting events. The people have always been nice and helpful.  I've seen groups of entire families, single people and everything in between enjoying themselves at this establishment.

Review 3:

Wow!  Our son moved here from LA and has been telling us about Fuzzy's for years. Today we ate the salad, lasagna and pizza. The fresh ingredients stood out so obviously and made the difference between great food and amazing food. I had the privilege of meeting Jimmy the owner and his college graduate daughter who has joined him in the business. He even hand made special chocolate chip cookies for our son and his new wife. Jimmy's love for his customers and his food is so evident. He even offered to make some dough to take home to take into account my wife's food allergies. How considerate. I highly recommend this restaurant and encourage you to say hello to Jimmy when you come.

Wrap Up

Fuzzy's Pizza & Cafe is a nice mix of casual eatery, but also a real restaurant feel. The environment is relaxed and welcoming and you’ll be sure to enjoy a nice meal.

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