An Introduction to Ghibellina

Ghibellina is one of the top rated pizza restaurants in Washington D.C. It is known as an Italian gastropub because it has more than just their famous Neapolitan pizza. The interior of this high end restaurant has a marble-topped bar as the centerpiece, which gives a great view for people watching out the window. The restaurant gets its name from the street in Florence that the owner lived on before coming to America and founding Ghibellina. Ghibellina also features two private dining rooms that were recently added in 2016, which is great for parties and other events. Recently, Ghibellina was included in the FoodBoss Experience’s Best Pizza Restaurants in Washington D.C. article.

Here is a quick overview of Ghibellina from Google Reviews:


1610 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Earthy Tuscan fare, cocktails & wine in vast rustic-industrial space with marble bar & open kitchen.

Happy hour food · Late-night food · Happy hour drinks

4.4 Stars, 678 Reviews, $$

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Ghibellina is different than other pizzeria’s because it is a more upscale Italian restaurant. Their menu items are listed in Italian to show their authentic origins and entice customers to ask more about them. On the menu are appetizers like salads, and ‘antipasti’, along with pastas and first courses like steak or fish. To adhere to the authentic aura, they have a premium wine list and desserts like tiramisu and gelato.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Ghibellina. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Ghibellina to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

Happy hour at Ghibellina is a magical time indeed. Why? Because pizza is $10 and all drink specials are $6 and under y'all! This place is one of my absolute faves for happy hour and pizza in general. The atmosphere is super cool with low lighting and lots of dark wood. On top of that the bar stretches for a mile and is a great place to fraternize and socialize. It's also conveniently located on 14th St, so why not make it your first of many stops after work? ;-P Every pizza at Ghibellina is tasty, but I especially like the Funghi. Goat cheese. Roasted mushrooms. And... wait for it. Truffle oil! (Which I promise is NOT overpowering.) It's a treat for the taste buds. Another fave is the four cheese, or if you're fancy, Quattro Formaggi! It's basically bread and melted cheese so don't question me on this - it's delicious. I also highly recommend any option with meat, but since I'm newish to bring pescatarian, I'm holding off on meat in my reviews. (THEY'RE ALL GOOD ORDER THE MEAT ONES TOO!) Down to the details, this place gets pizza right. Crust on the thinner side. Crispy on the edges. Doesn't collapse under the weight of toppings. Light sauce. Go and enjoy. And then come back and 'like' my review.

Review 2:

Happy hour rating: Definitely super worth it happy hour (ends 6:30) that gives you a whole pizza for under $10. Must get: Funghi Pizza (for the mushroom lovers out there) We came in for happy hour on a Friday and it was extremely crowded as expected. There was pretty limited seating and I just stood at the counter the whole time. We asked the waitress if they could bring out an extra chair and they said yes but never followed through. The scissors they give you to cut the pizza was a unique experience and added to the fun atmosphere. I really liked the funghi pizza with the goat cheese and truffle oil. For those that are a fan of the classic margherita pizza, this is the place!

Review 3:

My first time into Ghibellina was last week but I have not been shy about Uber Eating their Buffalo Mozz pizza before. Straying from my usual I ordered the Pici Alla Carrettiera and Quattro Formagio to share with my boyfriend. I had a glass of prosecco and the guys shared a bottle of red wine. First off, all their pizza is delicious. I will say if you have never had the Buffalo mozz before you should just get it- it's great. But, the Quatro did not disappoint- my bf and friend who have both been to Italy before commented that the pizza was traditional but personally I can't confirm because I've never been. The peppers mixed in gave it a lovely spicy bite. The Pici was also great- you could tell that the noodles were handmade and delicious, cooked to perfection. The sauce was slightly spicy for anyone who is afraid of some spice- you can handle this level. Overall, great experience and atmosphere. Acqua al 2 remains my favorite italian in the district but Ghibellini is great for a date night out on 14th street.

Wrap Up

Ghibellina is one of the many great pizza options available in the city of Washington D.C. It is a wonderful option for a full course of Italian food and wine. You can order food delivery from Ghibellina here and get it delivered right to your door in Washington D.C..