An Introduction to Pizza Shuttle

Pizza Shuttle is one of the highest rated pizza restaurants in Milwaukee. This restaurant uses 100% Wisconsin Mozzarella cheese. Pizza Shuttle is definitely a great late night stop for pizza or breadsticks. They also offer ice cream for dessert, as well as other entree options like wings or salad. Their unique mac and cheese pizza, or a thick-crusted Chicago style. A great location with awesome reviews helped land Pizza Shuttle in our Best Pizza Restaurants in Milwaukee article.

Here is a quick overview of Pizza Shuttle from Google Reviews:

Pizza Shuttle

1827 N Farwell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202, United States

Beer, pizza & other Italian eats in a casual eatery with late-night hours, a jukebox & photo booth.

Happy hour food · Late-night food · Happy hour drinks

4.3 Stars, 1,883 Ratings, $

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Pizza Shuttle is a crowd-pleasing destination. From Yelp ratings we can tell that the pizza and a few other menu items are irresistible to customers. Their thick crust pizza is different than some cracker-like crusts that you can find in Milwaukee. They have a 4.3 star rating from Google reviews with over 1,883 ratings to their name. The service is casual and they offer late night take out on certain days, but of course, you can always order delivery with FoodBoss. The specialty pizzas offered at Pizza Shuttle are sure to satisfy anyone’s unique tastebuds.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Pizza Shuttle. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Pizza Shuttle to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

I got the mac and cheese pizza and a few sides. It's a little pricey, but so is everything in the city, not to mention that it's a local business. It was worth the cost though! Mini corn dogs were juicy and delicious, and the wonton cheese sticks didn't skimp on cheese. I really like how late they do carry out on weekends, since I don't get off work til 1 am. Oh, and that courtesy parking area os a GODSEND in the city! Thank you Pizza Shuttle! The main thing is, of course, the pizza! I'm originally from outside of Chicago, and I hadn't found good pizza crust in Milwaukee...until I ordered from here! I've been so sick of the cracker style crust popular in Milwaukee. Finally, thick crust that has some spine to it! Chewy and delicious, and it reminds me of home! I always order the 'Chicago-style' pizza from places hoping that it will be true to the name, but this is the first one in the area that lived up to my hopes! If you want thick crust, go for the Chicago style crust: it lives up to expectations and is making me love pizza again as much as I did in my hometown! I'll definitely be back, and I'll be trying more of the specialty pizzas-on that fantastic Chicago crust!

Review 2:

Cheese Pizza: This had been my favorite pizza joint in MKE since 2010. Located near Columbia St Mary's on the east side. It was my favorite because they have an excellent selection of specialty pizzas (31!) and they also allow for you to customize your own unique pizza. 3 Different types of crusts (thin, thick & chewy, hand tossed), currently 17 different types of sauces for the base, and all your standard toppings plus a couple odd ones. Today I'm reviewing my favorite custom creation, which is a thick & chewy crust, Alfredo sauce, and extra Swiss cheese. It pains me to say this, but this was the worst pizza I've gotten from there in a long time. The cheese was burnt and I was supposed to have EXTRA Alfredo sauce and based on what I've gotten in the past there definitely wasn't (sauce is visible in pools on both of the previous two orders). Maybe the extra sauce dried up because my pizza was cooked for too long? It bothered me the longer I thought about it, so I looked up my pics from previous orders. Check out the SAME pizza the last two times I ordered it and you'll see why I'm DISAPPOINTED. I can't even put my Doughboy approved stamp on this one. I'll still go back at some point because their pizza usually rocks, but this last effort could have been much better. If this had been my first pizza from there I don't know if I would have gone back. Follow me on Instagram: Doughboy_Food_Reviews. My top MKE pizza parlors: 1. Pizza Man 2. Pizzeria Scotty 3. Marco's (on Howell) tied with Pizza Shuttle

Review 3:

I was shocked to find that I hadn't ever reviewed the Shuttle, given how long I have been stopping in or ordering delivery for work. How unfortunate for them that a less-than-stellar experience is what reminded me to give a review. When it came time to order food for my team's holiday luncheon, Pizza Shuttle came to mind almost instantly. Online ordering is a breeze, the food is always good, and they show up on time. This particular experience is one where only the first two attributes came through as the website was flawless and the food was as tasty as always. My order confirmation indicated that the four pizzas and breadsticks would be there at 12:06 p.m. Fifteen minutes after that time, I decided to call to check on my order. After several minutes of hold time (I got to listen to all of the PSAs twice, yay!), I was connected with someone who checked on my order and confirmed that the driver was already en route. No apology or acknowledgment that the order was pretty far past the delivery time. Given that another 10 minutes passed before the driver phoned me to say he was nearby, I call BS on the en route line. And the driver--while pleasant--did not speak to the large delay, either. I'm not angling for free food, I just want someone to take ownership of the breakdown, especially because this delay affected a dozen people. I'll probably go a different direction the next time we need food for a work meeting. There's someone else that will put forth a bit more effort for my business.

Wrap Up

Milwaukee has plenty of tasty pizza restaurants for any tourist or local looking for a filling mea. Pizza Shuttle is just one great option with a variety of flavors and a casual atmoshphere. The fair prices and Yelp rating make this a reliable destination for someone trying to get their fix of fresh, Wisconsin cheese pizza.

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