Topper's Pizza began business in 1991 and since has offered over 60 locations from which their awesome pizza can be had. I take advantage of the Topper's Pizza near me pretty frequently.

Topper's has a great selection of flavor combinations for their pizzas. The Taco Topper is one of my favorites because it's loaded with black olives, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. I love that I can get a Mexican flare to my Italian dish. Thin is my crust of choice because I feel like it's similar to eating a taco. My other go-to order is the Buffalo Chicken Pizza. It has a unique sauce and crispy bacon bits that make it an extremely delicious choice.

I had also heard about Topper's Macaroni and Cheese Pizza, and I knew I had had to try it. It actually turned out to be a really good the combination of cheddar cheese and mozzarella. It quickly became all of the kids in my family's favorite menu item, and whenever they are spending the night with me I always order the Macaroni and Cheese Pizza for delivery!

For the times when I choose to dine in at Topper's, I like meeting friends there. It's surprisingly a good casual environment where we can all just relax and enjoy each other's company with great selection of food. Several orders of TopperStix make for a great appetizer for our group.

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I prefer the 3 Cheese Garlic stix with the cheddar cheese and the roasted garlic. The Baconstix are my sister's favorite. The bits of bacon and the load of cheese on them are a tasty appetizer to any pizza flavor.

Another great additive to any Topper's order is their wings. I like to mix up my flavors and choose between the Hot Buffalo Wings and the Mild Buffalo Wings, occasionally ordering the Smoky BBQ Buffalo Wings too. And the Sweet Chili Buffalo Wings are quite a unique flavor of sweet and spicy that are usually a hit with me and my friends.

The sauces on the Wings are just so flavorful and the wings themselves are so tender and juicy. We're a little messy with ours and there's a lot of finger licking that goes on when we have wings at our gatherings.

We have always been well satisfied with our service when we dine in. Our waitress is always professional and friendly making our dine in experience fun and enjoyable. The fact that we are always able to get our food in a timely manner is also a plus for me. I don't think that I have ever had to wait more than 10 minutes to get my food to my table no matter what I have ordered.

Another benefit of Topper's is that there is usually one nearby, making it super easy and convenient to order delivery. It's so nice when I'm too tired to cook or when I'm having unexpected visitors at home and don't have time prepare. What's even better is that FoodBoss will tell me if one of the other delivery services can get it to me faster than Topper’s can, and can also save me money by comparing delivery service fees.

For dessert at Topper's, make sure to order their Cinnamonstix. Similar to Topperstix, they are a sweet version of the salty appetizer. The kids in my family also love this as a tasty treat after their pizza. The dough is always warm and the cinnamon and sugar mix satisfies my sweet tooth perfectly.

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When we ordered delivery, everything was hot when it came, so I was obviously super pleased about that. I also appreciated how the crust is never soggy and there are no grease stains at the bottom of my pizza box. I have experienced that at some other places and it's very disappointing to me. I also like that the ingredients always seem to be fresh and that they make everything fresh when you order it. There's no hot lamps to keep food warm.

That being said, I have also never been disappointed in my delivery orders from Topper's. They get to my door in just about the time that they tell me they will when I place the order. My delivery person is always kind and courteous and my food is always what I ordered as well as hot and ready to eat.

I don't mind tipping them at all and if I ask for extra sauces they have no problem in meeting my needs. Affordability is another plus for me, I like that everything is priced fairly and that I can get a good meal for a decent price whether I choose to dine in or have my items delivered.

I can feed a medium size crowd for less that what it would cost me to have to purchase the food, and the clean up is always easy and I like that a lot. I always know what I'm getting when I order from Topper's and that's one of the main reasons that I continue to order from there for delivery and with dining in.

Topper's is my go to place when I really don't know what kind of food mood that I'm in. Their pizza hits the spot for me just about anytime and if I want less than a pizza I simply order the Topperstix.

I like that if I want extra cheese or extra bacon on my items they don't make a big deal about that. I can get my items just how I enjoy them. There has been several times when I have left overs and I take that for my lunch the next day at work or save it for dinner the next night and it's still great.

The fact that I can design my own pizza is something I like to take advantage of as well. If I want hand tossed with extra cheese and mushrooms or other veggies I can get it. This really makes ordering good food convenient when I'm sharing with someone else. I can order what they like as well as what I like on one pizza, and we are all happy.

Topper's usually has great deals that accompany their pizzas and appetizers, but if you're looking to save even more bucks, don't forget to order with FoodBoss and save money on your delivery fees!

Written by: Robert Burns

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Author Bio: Robert is a long-time FoodBoss contributor.  An adventurous eater with an eagerness to try any and all culinary styles, his favorite dishes include Coconut Curried Shrimp and Cioppino.