If you enjoy trying new and adventurous foods you’ll love Sushi Burrito. Sushi Burrito has four convenient locations in the Chicagoland area. This local restaurant specializes in many variations of sushi burritos and pokes.

Sushi burritos started gaining popularity in California like many other fusion foods. The owner of Sushi Burrito saw an opportunity to bring it to Chicago, and now everyone can chomp down on the newest and coolest burritos in town. I will be going over some of my favorite items I’ve tried out in this Sushi Burrito review.

With over 11 sushi burrito combinations and 4 poke bowls, you’re bound to find something you’ll end up loving. My favorite sushi burrito is the GANZO. It comes with spicy tuna, spicy salmon, crab salad, cream cheese, and all the veggie goodies. I especially love the creamy crab salad mixed with the cream cheese to contrast the spicy salmon and tuna. Although it’s the spiciest item on the menu, anyone will be able to handle it without having major trouble. Since the size of the burritos are quite large, it’s a great deal for a meal that’s $13 or under.

Gimbap is one of the favorite foods of Koreans. It’s also a great dish to eat vegetables together. If you are traveling to Korea, try gimbap. You won’t regret it.
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As for the Poke bowl that’s sweeping the nation with its’ popularity, the deconstructed sushi dish also has many ingredient variations. The fish options are Salmon, Tuna, Spicy Tuna, and Shrimp Sushi each costing $9.50. I had a lot of fun trying out each one, but my favorites were the Shrimp and the Spicy Tuna. To try all the variations, use FoodBoss to compare prices and delivery times to find the best option for you.

Shrimp Sushi is probably one of the most unique ones because it’s crunchy. The bowl comes with shrimp, rice, seaweed salad, cucumber, carrot, avocado, edamame, corn, sweet pickled radish, crunch, and unagi sauce to top it off. I love the combination of different ingredients mixing in together to make something so delicious in your mouth. I also love the fact that you feel healthy eating the different burritos and bowls because it has high quality ingredients.

As an added plus, Sushi Burrito restaurants offer sushi happy hour for those of you who enjoy sushi in its traditional form. The happy hour lasts all day, and all the sushi rolls are only $5. You can choose from California, Philly, Shrimp Tempura, Sweet Potato, and Spicy Tuna Rolls. This is a great deal for people who are looking for quality sushi on a budget. If you get Sushi Burrito delivery, the happy hour sushis are a great option to build up your delivery minimum.

As a pioneer of bringing in the latest food trends, Sushi Burrito is coming out with Sushi Tacos starting on July 24th. This seems like a great addition to their menu. In the teaser video, it’s evident that you get a crunchy taco shell and tons of spicy sauce drizzles. I think the blend of the crunchy textures with the raw soft sushi meats will be very indulging.

Whether you're a fan of traditional sushi rolls or just a foodie with an urge for adventure, any of these sushi combinations will be sure to satisfy your palate. You can try them all and order in by using FoodBoss to save time and money on your meal!