Unfortunately, earlier this week, California’s Governor announced a second shut down that will force all restaurants to revert back to outdoor dining only again. As cases across the state, and nationwide, continue to rise, restaurateurs across the country continue to seek answers to know how they can re-open safely, as well as how they can get more exposure and drive more online food delivery orders.

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There are a lot of uncertainties in the restaurant industry these days. Luckily, there are still many solutions that will allow restaurants to remain open and keep workers employed. Food delivery remains one of the best alternatives as dine-in options are shut down.

California’s second shut down no doubt has put some other restaurant owners on edge across the country fearing they too might face a second round of closures. So during these times, when we know that food delivery will remain open throughout any possible second closures or second wave of infections, finding ways to get more exposure for your restaurant is essential.

FoodBoss is a solution for all restaurants that conduct food delivery or pick up. If you’re looking to boost your exposure and drive more order to your restaurants third party food delivery service page or online ordering page.

FoodBoss consumers are more likely to order food delivery. Users on the site are more interested and have an affinity for online food delivery and pick up ordering. As closures and shutdowns spread across the US, food delivery demand soared.

If your restaurant already utilizes food delivery options, getting a FoodBoss listing is a great option to highlight this feature of your business. Control your delivery options and drive more orders every week.

And if your restaurant doesn’t currently have a FoodBoss listing, check out this page and sign up now to start driving more traffic and orders.

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On the other hand, if your restaurant has recently re-opened, or is about to re-open, and you don’t currently have food delivery or take out options set up, it might be the best options to move forward so you can get as much traffic and attention to your site as possible. Increased exposure leads to increased revenue and profits.