The government and related health organizations all still recommend people within the United States limit travel to only those trips deemed necessary and required. These recommendations should be abided by to limit the potential spread of Covid-19 across the country.

That said, there are still certain instances when travel is necessary, and under those circumstances, extra precautions should be taken by those traveling to reduce the possible spread of Coronavirus to the area they’re traveling or to reduce the chances they catch it and return home with it.

Examples of required or necessary travel during these times could include travel for essential workers (medical professionals etc.) or things like dropping off supplies at the homes of elderly family members who can’t leave their homes.

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To keep both your loved ones and the general population safe when traveling, consider contactless food delivery (offered by all the major food delivery services) to stay safe. This option was first introduced at the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic in order to limit the potential spread between face-to-face interactions of couriers and consumers.

Below are a few tips about how to use contactless delivery so you can get the food you want delivered safely to your door, wherever that door may be!

1.   Give Clear Directions to the Driver or Courier

Whether you live in a house, apartment, condo building, or happen to need food delivered elsewhere, the rules will vary. For instance, some apartment buildings may require couriers to drop food in the lobby, while others will allow food to be left in front of apartment doors in the building. Make sure you give clear and explicit instructions to the courier when you place an order so they don’t waste yours or their time dropping off the food.

2.   Wash Hands after Picking Up the Food Packaging

The CDC has stated that there is limited evidence that food packaging can transmit the virus, as well as acknowledging that face to face interactions through respiratory droplets are the central way that COVID spreads, but it can never hurt to wash your hands, especially after touching a surface such as the food packaging coming from a stranger.

3.   Dispose of Everything Safely

Once you’re done eating, safely dispose of the packaging that your food came in. Recycle what’s appropriate and again wash your hands after. While it might be overkill, there’s no harm and it will only further keep you safe.

Food delivery became the lifeblood of the restaurant industry when they were forced to shutter dine-in options across almost every state. Now, it is more and more frequently the option travelers are turning to when they’re forced to travel during these times and want to limit the number of interactions they have face to face with strangers.

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