After scouring the gorgeous streets of Washington DC, I was able to assemble my version of the 5 Best Restaurants with Live Music in DC. Check it out

1. Georgia Brown’s

The first name on this list is the remarkable Georgia Brown’s, located on 15th Street. This elegant location warmly opened its doors in 1993, and has been thriving ever since. The restaurant specializes in fine Southern Cuisine while featuring quality live jazz music. The visual appeal of the restaurant is unparalleled, and the service is polite and efficient. The Georgia Brown’s menu offers a delectable array of rich and fulfilling Southern cuisine. The restaurant’s own webpage expresses their confidence in customer satisfaction with the quote, “The food is to be slowly savored, with its traditional Fried Green Tomatoes, Perlau, straight from Charleston, and Fried Chicken to compete with your Grandmama’s.” Now you know for a fact that this place means business. Try them out, and maybe take a date for some extra romance points.

2. Songbyrd Record Cafe

This record cafe also identifies as a music venue, restaurant, and bar. The Songbyrd menu features seasonal foods and drinks to fit the groovy mood on the inside and the lively mood on the outside. Guests can come by to listen to a DJ spin at the bar upstairs or go downstairs to the music venue, a.k.a The Byrd Cage, and enjoy the live music, comedy, or dance performance. This is definitely the ideal place to bring a group of friends to enjoy delicious food and quality drinks at affordable prices, while still experiencing great entertainment.


Acclaimed as one of DC’s hottest spots, and helmed by a masterful chef. DBGB Kitchen and Bar menu features a “Lyonnais-inspired bistro cuisine in a warm and rustic setting.” The restaurant is classy and convenient while remaining affordable. The aesthetic pulls you in, and the food keeps you there. Live music is available every so often in the courtyard area, and adds perfectly to the warm ambiance of the classic setting. This place is ideal for a relaxing after-work dining experience. Headed straight home after work or not up for a drive to the venue? No worries, order online for DGBG delivery using FoodBoss to find the best deal on delivery prices.

4. Wok & Roll

Although the venue lacks an official live music installation, Wok & Roll features ongoing Karaoke and open mic. Don’t be shy, bring your friends to its location in the heart of Chinatown in Washington DC for a fun and memorable experience. The Wok & Roll menu offers colorful pan-Asian delicacies cooked to perfection with market-fresh, high-end, organic ingredients. If the authentic Chinese food and the extensive sushi bar menu aren’t enough to entertain you and you friends then I’m rather certain that the unlimited supply of warm Sake will. Wok and Roll delivery is also an option, and even though it requires missing out on the fun and silly Karaoke experience it is also a convenient and affordable alternative.

5. Touche

This lively and robust setting offers an exciting combination of delicious American cuisine, quality drinks, and live entertainment. On the outside, Touche actively pulls you in with its flirtatious decor and stunning interior design. Once inside you would be reluctant to leave too quickly due to the party-like atmosphere and friendly service. The Touche menu is packed with a wide range of foods from tasty treats to filling entrees, this menu will definitely leave you satisfied. The music adds to the stimulating appeal of the restaurant, and the live performances are always available to keep guests engaged. Come by Touche with friends or order Touche delivery, either way you will not be disappointed.

With all of these food and entertainment options, you really can't go wrong. Either way you'll be satisfying your tastebuds while also pleasing your sense of sound. But remember, FoodBoss has you covered for the times when you'd rather eat the same delicious food, but in the quiet of your own home.

Written By: Jake Stiller

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Author Bio: Jake is new to the foodie scene. Since he grew up between the cornfields and suburbia with a brother and father who were both picky eaters, he was raised on a diet of meat and potatoes. Since moving to Chicago 4 years ago, he has discovered the entire world of food and loves to try new cuisines/national dishes whenever he gets the chance. Some of his favorite discoveries are Arepas, Ramen, and Korean BBQ.