An Introduction to Tov Pizza

Tov Pizza first opened way back in 1984. Located on the northwest side of the city, Tov Pizza is situated in the heart of Baltimore’s Jewish community and is known for its kosher pizza offering. In fact, it has previously been voted Baltimore’s best kosher pizza in the past. Doubling in size since it first opened, Tov Pizza is a very popular pizza destination for those living in the area in Baltimore. For this reason, it was included in FoodBoss Experience’s 2020 Best Pizza Restaurants in Baltimore article. For a great slice of pie in Baltimore, you can’t go wrong with Tov Pizza.

The Restaurant

Here is a quick overview of Tov Pizza from Google Reviews:

Tov Pizza

6313 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD 21215, United States

Unassuming kosher joint offering pizza & many sides, plus Italian & Mediterranean comfort classics.

Comfort food · Small plates · Quick bite

4.5 Stars, 347 Reviews, $

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Tov Pizza offers great pizza at a very reasonable price. Slices are roughly $2.50 and most full pizzas are right around $20. They also serve sandwiches, subs, calzones, soups, fish, Italian, and middle eatern dishes. Tov Pizza is certainly worth a try if you find yourself in the area.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Tov Pizza. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Tov Pizza to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination in Baltimore. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

Ever since I moved from Baltimore, I have had to give up my favorite pizza baked right here, but whenever I'm in town I make it a point to try and stop by for a delicious slice. The pizza is greasy but so good and crispy. You can't go wrong with a plain pie, but they offer a number of toppings for the more adventurous, so variety is an option. As for sides, they offer salads (never tried them), awesome fries, and some tasty dairy dishes like baked ziti and macaroni and cheese. Prices are relatively reasonable. That said, there are a few drawbacks. First, service can be kind of slow sometimes. The parking situation is bad; due to a dispute some years back with the gas station next door, they do not want restaurant customers parking there, and you will need to park in the cramped lot out back behind the restaurant and some other buildings. Also worth mentioning is that the local neighborhood is not the safest. Overall, though, the food is great and you will not be disappointed by the pizza!

Review 2:

You might miss this place if you were looking for it and your eyes may just wander across it if you aren't looking for it. Put me in the latter group this past Saturday as I was driving up Reisterstown Road on my way to do some produce shopping. If you're coming from the city, Tov is on your right hand side next to the gas station and right before the light that brings you in front of the pathetic site that still calls itself Reisterstown Road Plaza. I had Tov bookmarked for a while now because someone mentioned that they had a Veggie meatball sub but my interest wasn't peaked enough to travel all the way across town just to sample it. Saturday afforded me the perfect opportunity and I ventured into this small little shop for a look see. While small, there appears to be ample seating so Tov could be a quick lunchtime meetup spot for you and about two of your quiet friends. There were several Veg options on the menu although they would have been better if they offered vegan cheese. If you're going to go out of your way and feature a homemade veggie meatball, why not also feature vegan cheese to go along with it? Regardless, I am definitely a fan of the veggie meatball wrap I received and for the $6 I paid for it without a side, I was still full. Tov has daily specials but they aren't too thrilling ($1 off different combos most days).

Review 3:

I am super impressed with the customer service! I was having a party in downtown Baltimore (not a local delivery and about 25 min from the pizza shop). I had called Tov Pizza approx 2 weeks prior to the party to see if we can have a bunch of pies delivered. I spoke with Barry who was extremely helpful, and assured me we would make it work. He quoted me an extremely reasonable delivery fee. When we spoke later on, he let me know that I can order through postmates (a food delivery app) and they would deliver the pizzas. The night of the party comes around, and postmates was unable to deliver the pizza. When I called Tov Pizza and spoke with Barry once more- he got right on the problem, he called an Uber and sent the pizzas asap. He updated me 3 minutes before the pizza arrived and they were fresh, and hot. The pizza was amazing and devoured within minutes. Thank you Tov Pizza for your stellar customer service and delicious pizza!

Wrap Up

Tov Pizza serves a special role in the community which it calls home. It offers a wide variety of dishes, not only pizza, and its growth over time demonstrates how much its customers love their food.

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