An Introduction to 40 North

40 North is a highly rated pizza joint located right near downtown Austin, TX on W. 10th Street. They specialize in Neapolitan pizza, burgers, and other casual eats. This pizza restaurant is one of the highest rated in Austin according to Google Reviews data and can be found on our Best Pizza Restaurants in Austin article. In addition to just pizza, they serve sandwiches and great desserts, while also offering a brunch menu and happy hour deals.

The Restaurant

Here is a quick overview of 40 North from Google Reviews:

40 North

900 W 10th St, Austin, TX 78703, United States

Airy, easygoing neighborhood pizza joint specializing in Neapolitan pies & other casual eats.

Outdoor seating · Small plates · Cosy

4.6 Stars, 214 Reviews, $$

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With plenty of solid reviews and a great rating, 40 North is a popular choice for those in Austin looking to find a delicious slice of pizza! And with a Google rating of $$, it's prices are fairly average in the area, about $15 for a personal pizza.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from 40 North. Hear from other people who have already eaten at 40 North to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination in Austin. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review #1

My fiancé and I really enjoyed 40 North! Parking/Location: The location is great, close to downtown Austin but easy to find parking. They have their own lot and plenty of street parking available. The building is pretty much the only building on that side of the street, very noticeable. Service: There is no "server" and they take your order at a counter. The staff was very friendly and offered recommendations. Our food came out quickly and was hot. Food: AMAZING! My fiancé and I ordered the Barbe Pizza, Fried Chicken Sandwich, and Burger. All 3 were delicious. Chicken Sandwich- Love the pretzel bun and spice on the chicken! This was my least favorite entree we ordered, but my fiancé's favorite. Cheese Burger - The burger was delicious and juicy, bun was fresh. Served with a delicious mustard aioli. One of my favorite burgers in town! The Barbe Pizza - The crust was delicious. It didn't get soggy like many do and had the right amount of toppings. The pizza had a nice spicy and the fresh mozzarella was something a little different than usual pizza. The pizza was my favorite! Overall, a great spot with amazing comfort food. We are definitely looking forward to coming back.

Review #2

Both the food and service at 40 North are exceptional.  Let me talk about the food first. I've had several salads and vegetables and several pizzas as well.  Everything has been made from the best ingredients, perfectly prepared and extremely tasty.  Salads are crisp and well dressed.  The kale salad has hearty kale topped with dried cherries, shaved slices of pecorino, shallots, tart sweet apples and dressed lightly with a hazelnut dressing. The cauliflower plate dressed with yogurt, honey, cilantro and golden raisins makes eating one's vegetables a treat. And of course the pizzas.  The pizzas fired in a wood fired oven are available with a wide array of top notch toppings.  For those who have no aversions eating pig, be sure to try the hot honey pizza for a unique salty, sweet, spicy combination not typical on mainstream pizza. Now onto the service.  Typically a restaurant where you order and pay at the counter before seating yourself at a table might be light on the service.  That's not the case at 40 North. I have had excellent service whenever I have gone here.  Staff checks on us to make sure we are fine.  When I came in with a group of people, the staff was busy arranging a place for us all to sit together while we decided on our order.  Upon hearing our group discussing how many of each type of pizza to order, and me declaring I would skip having some of one flavor rather than order two pizzas, the staff communicated with the kitchen and had our pizzas cut into more pieces than normal, so that we could all more easily share all of our pizzas.  Paying attention to the guests and accommodating them to make their experience better is the epitome of service, and 40 North has this down. On top of great food and service, 40 North is in a charming house with great ambience with plenty of nearby parking (lot in back and ample street parking). Ambience is great, and this is a place I to which I thoroughly enjoy going.

Review #3

Every restaurant and chef in Austin should take note of this place. 40 North knows how to do it right. There is nowhere else in Austin this good, this simple, and using quality ingredients. We ordered the hot honey pizza with copa + pepperoni, and the porchetta sandwich. The pizza was perfect. Salty, sweet, and a little spicy. Cooked to perfection. The sandwich came paired with a salad of apple slices + arugula. The bread on the sandwich was perfect. Perfectly toasted and perfectly buttered. The onions in the sandwich were rendered with care, and the porchetta and cheese were magnificent! We were pleasantly surprised at their wine list - very impressive @ a good price point. For dessert we ordered their special of vanilla + lemon gelato cookie. It couldn't have been better! It was one of the best desserts I've had in Austin. Paired with French press coffee and Chardonnay - you can't go wrong.

Wrap Up

40 North is one of the top rated pizza restaurants in Austin. Customers agree that it offers great food with affordable prices, all while being an order at the counter restaurant with great service.

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