An Introduction to Stone Sisters Pizza

Stone Sisters Pizza is one of the top rated pizza restaurants in Oklahoma City. It’s a family owned restaurant that serves a wide variety of organic and specialty pizzas. In addition to traditional pizza options, they also offer vegan options to please everyone. The charming backstory and delicious pies landed Stone Sisters Pizza in our Best Pizza Restaurants in Oklahoma City article.

Here is a quick overview of Stone Sisters Pizza from Google Reviews:

Stone Sisters Pizza Bar

2124 N Broadway Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, United States

Family-owned, down-to-earth pizzeria serving a variety of organic specialty pies & vegan options.

Comfort food · Small plates · Healthy options

4.5 Stars, 476 Ratings, $$

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Stone Sisters Pizza’ fast-casual style makes it quick and easy to get the pizza you want with ease. Stone Sisters Pizza’s menu also offers specialty pizzas and enough vegan offers to allow people an extensive list of options. So many healthy options make this place a great pizza destination.Customers clearly love the range of options and flavors.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Stone Sisters Pizza. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Stone Sisters Pizza to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

Solid four with room for a five on next visit.   This place is amazing inside.  Located in the old Borden's building on Broadway, this restaurant is retro inside as well---only in a funkier way. We found this place when we searched "Healthy" on Yelp.   We're glad we decided to go.   None of use had special dietary issues but I am sure that anyone that does is thankful for this place. We each had the lunch special---8" pizza and salad or soup.   We ended up with three made to order pies:  a pepperoni-mushroom, a chicken-basil with olive oil, and a mushroom-banana pepper.   I had the latter and it was amazing.   You can choose the crust and I went with the sprouted spelt.    The crust was thin and crispy (but maybe a bit overdone).   The red sauce is fabulous.   My dining crew had salads which looked great (dressing on the side) but I had the tomato basil soup.  It was a large serving and had great flavor (maybe a bit too salty).   The salads looked so good, I will go that route next time. We recommended this place to the rest of our office.   There is wine on tap and LOTS of local brews.    It would be a great place to hang out after work. (Also, know that there is an extra fee for using a credit card.  You might want to take cash.)

Review 2

Stone sisters as recommended by my sis, who is gluten and dairy free like me.  We really liked the spelt gluten free crust.... we had the vegan cheese with nutritional yeast which made it really close to legit pizza.  They do say they are gluten friendly, not "gluten free" bc they don't have a totally gluten free kitchen. Not an issue for us bc we don't deal with anaphylactic level allergies. I really loved the pizza bc it was easy to order (they get it here) and my you g nephews just had regular cheese pizza.  You can tell they are trying to do a great job here. I should mention this restaurant is not fancy or highly service oriented. You order at a counter, get your own drinks ( they do have a nice wine and beer offering but I didn't partake) and wait for pizza.  I think you could order a pie for pick up then roll in 30 minutes later and have seat and enjoy... or pick up for home. Long story short, really good traditional pizza.  Amazing pizza if you deal with gluten, dairy or other allergy issues.  Go check it out

Review 3

Update: big warm thank you to the owner for her kind offer to make me another salad. Not at all necessary, I do appreciate that their ingredients are way above average and more costly. Thanks again for your hospitality and creativity! Yikes I feel so uncool not loving this fun, adorable, unique spot. We visited and I loved the interior. So cute! Photography and local artwork hanging, a concrete loft, even bean bags and a tv. Cool! Super clean restaurant & very friendly people. But I felt misled about a salad being sold as "large," and being charged extra for protein. (It was more of a light sprinkle of shredded or minced up chicken.) Not bad tasting, it was ok! But for a casual place and small portions (husband's pizza was also tiny) I was surprised that 2 people spent $32. We were still hungry. I will say again that the salad I chose tasted good! Love arugula as a base. It was the "Ain't We Fancy," plus chicken. Just really small. Our neighbors suggested next time just order salads and cheesy breadsticks. Those looked delicious. On the bright side, the pizza menu here is super creative. If you're into GF this would be a fun place to indulge.

Wrap Up

Oklahoma City has lots of great pizza options. Stone Sisters Pizza is no exception, since it’s on the top-list of OKC pizza destinations. Try it for yourself to see what you think! You can order food delivery from Stone Sisters Pizza here and get it delivered right to your door in OKC.