An Introduction to Pub Dog Pizza & Drafthouse

Pub Dog Pizza & Drafthouse is a fairly unique pizzeria space. Zella’s is a gourmet neighborhood pizzeria, bar, and art gallery located in the heart of West Baltimore. They don’t just specialize in pizza, but also serve up calzones, sandwiches, wings, pasta, salads, and also offer catering. With a passion for using only fresh ingredients and an emphasis on community outreach and improvement, Zellas’s Pizzeria is included in the FoodBoss Experience’s 2020 Best Pizza Restaurants in Baltimore article. If you’re looking for a tasty pie in Baltimore, Pub Dog Pizza & Drafthouse definitely has something for you!

The Restaurant

Here is a quick overview of Pub Dog Pizza & Drafthouse from Google Reviews:

Pub Dog Pizza & Drafthouse

20 E Cross St, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

Original branch of a small pizza & brew chain, offering personal gourmet pies & house beers.

Happy hour food · Late-night food · Happy hour drinks

4.6 Stars, 444 Reviews, $

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Pub Dog Pizza & Drafthouse has a solidly high ranking from Google Reviews so you know customers leave happy and satisfied. Prices here are fair, with a small pizza costing about $14, while a large will be roughly $21. If you live or are visiting the area, make sure to try these pies as well as some of their other tremendous food options.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Pub Dog Pizza & Drafthouse. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Pub Dog Pizza & Drafthouse to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination in Baltimore. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

We stumbled upon this bar while waiting for a dinner reservation in the area, and ended up having a great time. Pub Dog is your typical local dive, but with their own brews on tap and VERY reasonable prices! Being from the northeast, we were totally shocked by their two-fer deals on drinks (and we definitely took advantage...). The bartender was awesome and offered recommendations on his favorite brews, and even mixed a few of the fruity ones together to make a custom one just for me. This place really has a personal touch - the bartender even asked our names so that he would know what to call us while we were hanging out at the bar. I will likely be heading back there tonight - and recommend that you do to!

Review 2:

This is a decent spot on Cross Street to grab some pizza with a group of friends. It's right next to the 8 X 10, so it's a good pit stop while spending a night out. It has three floors, plenty of seating, and is filled with pictures of dogs. What's not to love? The third floor has shuffleboard, so make sure to head all the way up to the top if that's your kind of thing. The food and beer are pretty average. At first, it seemed like the beer was a great deal because it's advertised as being a BOGO deal, but in reality you're just getting slightly more than a pint split between two glasses. I don't really get it. I ordered the Thai chicken pizza and it was pretty awful. It was slathered in Hoisin sauce and tasted like overly-salty instant ramen. I felt pretty sick afterwards. Other pizzas looked and smelled great, though. Despite my pizza horror story, I think that this place is worth a visit.

Review 3:

Looking for a chill somewhere to grab some drinks and a personal pie I n Federal Hill? Pub Dog might be that new spot! I visited Pub Dog with my family over the Thanksgiving holiday and was pleasantly surprised with everything -- from the great wait staff to the double drink specials! Pub Dog has this awesome special where you can order two beers for $4.50! Beers range from fruity delights like peach and raspberry to IPAs. They also have some bottled beers, but they mostly push their Pub Dog brand. Everything was so good that I was tempted to bring home a growler with me. The food is overall good, but the pizzas taste very similar to the garlic bread, which I only noticed because we tried both. The staff was very attentive and the waitress especially nice, ending our night with a round of shots! We'll definitely be back on our next visit--thanks Pub Dog!

Wrap Up

Pub Dog Pizza & Drafthouse is more than just a pizza restaurant in Baltimore. Run on a love of pizza making as well as a passion for art and bettering the community, customers all agree that it offers amazing food.

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