An Introduction to Pizza Rustica

Located on the corner of High and Broad Streets in the heart of downtown Columbus, Pizza Rustica has a solid reputation in Columbus for serving delicious pizza. Salads, subs, and calzones compliment the vast pizza options on the menu at this local pizzeria. Build your own options are bountiful and they also offer a ton of veggie only specialty pizzas. Pizza Rustica was recently included in our Best Pizza Restaurants in Columbus article. Keep scrolling for more information about Pizza Rustica below!

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Here is a quick overview of Pizza Rustica from Google Reviews:

Pizza Rustica

17 S High St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

Quick bite · Cosy · Casual

4.4 Stars, 267 Reviews, $

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Pizza Rustica has super reasonable prices for all to enjoy. Open late on the weekend, this pizzeria is a great option for Ohio State students or anybody else who might find themselves out on the town late at night in Columbus.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Pizza Rustica. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Pizza Rustica to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

Pizza Rustica is basically on the corner of Broad and High so I wasn't surprised that it was super busy for lunch time on a Friday. The employees are fast and efficient though so it doesn't take too long to get your pizza. I was hoping to get the veggie but they were already all out by 12:15 so I went with the mushroom and pepperoni. After they heated it up for me and I took it back to my office it was still nice and hot. The cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms were good. They obviously did not skimp on the quality of the ingredients. I wish there was a bit more sauce. I wasn't a big fan of the crust. After my pizza was warmed up the crust got a bit burned and that just brought out the dryness and make the texture a bit cardboardy. Overall good pizza and I'll be back to try the veggie. They do have a lot of different pizza options so even if they run out of your favorite, you still have good choices

Review 2:

Rustica is one or two changes from becoming a mind-blowing pizza-by-the-slice place. As it is now it stands above the colder, boring Sbarro and its clones, but falls too short to being memorable. This shop is downtown, first floor of the Huntington Building; it's storefront slants the southwest angle of broad and High, a quick serve concept to feed the weekday lunch crowds, Somewhat quality oriented, their pies are not sitting lump under hot lamps, they finish them via oven after ordering. There is many to choose from gourmet green garnished to classic pepperoni topped. They also offer a selection of salads. A meal deal of pizza, salad, and drink for 10 and change. The clerks are quick, and the process doesn't take long.  I chose a slice of Buffalo Ranch. It was much more spicy than I expected, being loaded with ripe red peppers, but the surprised was welcomed as I like spicy. The slice, a square section of smaller squares, was large for the 4-5 dollar price range. The pros were the fresh--I mean farm fresh--ingredients of the slice. Favorable chicken, clear tasting veggies, sweat cheese, and fresh mild sauce were impressive. Add the spicy kick that burnt nicely on the tongue and lips the meal should had been rated higher. Unfortunately, the con negated the pros--the crust. The base crust was on the level of frozen pizza. It wasn't gross, or bla-uck  but under the fresh, very quality ingredients the crust blandness, thickness, and a bit overcooked hardness stands out more so. If they get the crust issue worked out and it be a 4-5 star place for a quick pizza place.

Review 3:

Cant say enough about this place but I'll try. I started my flavorful journey with them about 3 days ago, I ordered my first love in food the meatball sub. The meatballs were juicy, the sauce was savory and the cheese was just right, all sandwiched in a toasted bun. I would also like to point out that the customer service is outstanding and it's really something missing from the food service industry these days but pizza rustica is bringing it back. As soon as you walk in you'll be greeted with a hello and a smile to welcome you to their colorful atmosphere of culinary delight. Day 2. Second verse different from the first. I ordered the mega meat calzone and it was warmed before it was served, talk about a flavor bomb exploding on your taste buds. First the bread of the calzone, then the cheese, and the dipping sauce consisting of vine ripened tomatoes. But wait folk's there's more. You can actually create your own calzone by filling out the card they give you so you don't have to take only what they offer, you can build your own, how awesome is that. Finally day 3. The coup de gras. The pizza. Pizza in every restaurant can be different and depending on what you order it can be quite an adventure for your tongue but pizza rustica brings the flavor on home. With a sauce that screams " eat more! " with each bite the meat and toppings only add to the terrific experience I had with every mouth watering piece. If you haven't experienced this pizza restaurant yet I highly recommend it to the food exhibitionist or maybe your just stopping in town for a visit, this is the place that will make you say Yummy!

Wrap Up

Pizza Rustica is a good pizza option if you’re craving a slice in Columbus. It might not be the epitome of fine dining, but that doesn't mean you can’t still enjoy the meal.

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