An Introduction to Pizza Rock

Pizza Rock is not a typical pizzeria, but then again, Las Vegas isn’t a typical city. I suppose it makes sense a restaurant like this exists here that, according to the owners, is where pizza artistry meets nightlife energy. Come for the pizza but stay for the DJ sets, nightlife, and drinks. Pizza Rock features gourmet pizzas in a variety of styles, 23 rotating drafts, craft cocktails, and over 60 bottled and canned beer. They serve a wide variety of pizzas as well including Neapolitan, Classic Italian, Classic American, Sicilian, Roman, and Gluten Free. A great location with awesome reviews helped land Pizza Rock in our Best Pizza Restaurants in Las Vegas article.

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Here is a quick overview of Pizza Rock from Google Reviews:

Pizza Rock

201 N 3rd St, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States

Gourmet pies, craft cocktails & beer, plus games in an edgy, brick-walled space with DJ nights.

Happy hour food · Late-night food · Comfort food

4.5 Stars, 4,300 Ratings, $$

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Pizza Rock is all about combining award winning pizza with a high energy vibe. It would be difficult to find a restaurant with a more high intensity commitment to fun. Definitely come for the pizza, but stay and hangout long after you finish eating at Pizza Rock. A solid 4.5 star rating is great, but with a mind boggling 4,300 reviews, clearly tons of people come here and many like to share their opinions about the joint like those you’ll see below.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Pizza Rock. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Pizza Rock to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

We were downtown on a Sunday and a friend who knows I like peppers, told me about the Picante pizza. When in Rome… We parked on the street adjacent to Pizza Rick. $2 for an hour. When you enter there is the Hostess' counter straight ahead and to the right, the area where you can buy Zah by the slice. Please note that a slice is a quarter pizza for $6. There are 4 stools where you can eat you slice(s) here. To the left, looking out to the street, there's seating for those that will need to wait. There was a friends and family group of 11 and a group of 12 Packers fans ; lots of seats to wait. We were seated immediately and within 30 seconds our drink order was taken. We each got salads and I added a Purple potato's day a Picante slice  I didn't check close enough and didn't realize there was meat on each of the pizzas. They were good but would have been better without the meat. The potato Pizza I had previously, from Escape from NY Pizza in the Haight, was vegetarian and my preference. The Picante was very colorful and good too. Please understand that Pizza Rock has decent pizza but this is my second time dining at PR; first time at GVR and this my second. The GVR pizza was to go and burnt to a crisp. For this downtown visit, the crust was thin and the olive oil good but just a bit too much chew to give them a Forth Star. Maybe the slice was in the window longer that a fresh pie and the crust settles a bit and gained an additional chewiness. Please note it wasn't leather but just a decimal point more texture than my impression of the perfect bite. I got the garden salad. It was very good. Fresh Baby Greens, balsamic vinergarette, a single this slice of baguette hit the spot. My companion had the Cesar and was equally delighted. The Staff was very friendly. The Hostess sat us with grace, the Server was attentive and courteous and the young man at the Slice Counter made me smile. 5 stars for service.

Review 2:

My bf told me about how he read about this place on some article so we have to visit here during our Vegas trip. We were a bit traumatized during our walk through Fremont Street. I'm just not into that scene so I was pretty thrilled to spot Pizza Rock so we popped in there for dinner. We were seated in a cute booth with curtain which was pretty dang romantic and secluded. The place was a buzzin with lots of people enjoying pizza. We ordered two pizzas which I don't really remember which ones. I think one's a Margherita one and another one had meat with these cheese balls on them. They're both very yummy. Loved it. They ran out of the cider that I wanted to get though so that was a little bit of a bummer. It was the Ace pineapple one. I ended up getting a Coke instead. Service was great and friendly. I would definitely hit up this place again if I was in Vegas again. :)

Review 3:

Decided on Pizza Rock for a Saturday night dinner before some gambling and enjoyment on Fremont street. Upon arrival around 945 pm the restaurant was pretty packed as well as the to go area at entrance. We had a short wait time prior to being sat. Good enough for me on a Saturday night. We sat just as late night happy hour started at 10pm. They had some great prices on personal sized pizzas, appetizers, beer & spirits. Our menu consisted of: Italian Fries 5/5 yummmmm! Zucchini Fries 5/5 yummmmm! Cal Italia 5/5 double yummmmm! Pesto Paradise 5/5 double yummmmm! Italian Chop Salad 4/5 ordinary but still yum Mac & Cheese 5/5 yummmm! W/ 2 draft beers Total tab: $65.00. Honestly the menu was pretty massive so we kinda stuck to the happy hour menu and just chose a salad and a pasta from the regular menu since none were available on happy hour. Overall we were extremely pleased with our selections and the total tab, service was excellent also. We will definitely be back again to maybe try some different menu items.

Wrap Up

Las Vegas is a high octane city and so is Pizza Rock. Great pizza is combined with the nightlife environment Las Vegas is known so well for. This is a must stop for a pizza fanatic who finds themself in Las Vegas with a free night.

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