An Introduction to Pizza Perfectta

Pizza Perfectta is a small over the counter pizza joint. It is not a fancy restaurant by any stretch of the imagination, however it still knows how to make some great pizza. While pizza is their main focus, they also serve pastas, sandwiches, wings, and calzones. A quick slice is perfect from this restaurant. Recently, Pizza Perfectta was included in the FoodBoss Experience’s Best Pizza Restaurants in Pittsburgh article.

Here is a quick overview of Pizza Perfectta from Google Reviews:

Pizza Perfectta

258 S Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206, United States

Compact counter-serve pizza joint offering specialty pies, pastas, sandwiches, wings & calzones.

Late-night food · Comfort food · Quick bite

4.1 Stars, 200 Reviews, Price n/a

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Pizza Perfectta may be just a normal, casual pizza joint, but it is still a wonderful option if you’re looking for a fast and convenient pizza option on the go. Google reviews show perfectly alright 4.1 star rating with 200 ratings.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Pizza Perfectta. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Pizza Perfectta to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

I'm a huge fan of Pizza Perfectta and have greatly missed the ease of walking in and picking up great pizza's. It may not look like much on the outside, but Pizza Perfectta consistently stepped up to the plate. I would always order pizza's for takeout and generally put in the same order each time - sausage, banana peppers, and black olives. The pizza was always warm, delicious, and was quick for pick up whether it was a Friday after work, Super Bowl Sunday, or later in an evening. The staff was always friendly as well. The pizza's were always nice and cheesy, an appropriate amount of sauce, and a medium sized crust. Pizza Perfectta may not be like one of the artisan pizza shops nearby or popping up throughout the city, but when it comes to a quality pizza and a good take out option, it always delivers.

Review 2:

Working weekend shifts at work are kind of annoying, but the perks can be sweet! One being free lunch! This previous weekend my boss bought us lunch from Pizza Perfecta. After ordering pizza at home twice that week (we DID NOT feel like cooking), I decided to go with a grilled chicken salad. Meh. I'm not saying it was bad, but it wasn't really that great either. I thought they could have dressed it up some more. It was loaded with (too much) cheese and it melted due to the fries being warm, making the top of the salad kind of gross. Underneath the melted cheese was the lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cucumber. I guess this is all standard for a salad, but it really just didn't impress me. Plus, I thought the chicken tasted pre-cooked which should be a big no-no for restaurants. One perk, however, was the size as it was pretty big! However, for $8.00, I felt it was a little steep. I also had a slice of pizza (I can't resist pizza) and it was comparable to any other pizza shop. Service is very good, though! I placed the order and the employee I spoke with was very friendly. They had it delivered in time as well. I'm not complaining because it was a free lunch, but I would never order myself.

Review 3:

I'd been wanting to try pizza from this place for awhile, and I received the opportunity to do so when my dept. had some delivered for an event last Fri.  Overall, I found their pies typical of PGH pizza in style, and slightly above average in quality, hence the 4 star rating (my average rating, as well as the PGH Yelp citywide average, is 3.5).  Jason F. describes the elements of the pizza well, so I won't reiterate them.  I will mention that there was a generous amount of cheese, and the sauce:cheese ratio was on point.  I don't recall the crust being particularly crisp (my personal sticking point when it comes to pizza); however, on the other hand, I don't recall it being floppy or insubstantial, either. In terms of overall quality, Pizza Perfectta's pies are a cut above those of nearby Pizza Parma, and they offer similar conveniences (acceptance of credit cards; delivery).  Given that I don't order food for delivery, I'll stop by in person the next time I'm in the vicinity of Shadyside/East Liberty.

Wrap Up

Pizza Perfectta is one of the many great pizza options available in the city of Pittsburgh. Try it for yourself to see what you think! You can order food delivery from Pizza Perfectta here and get it delivered right to your door in Pittsburgh.