An Introduction to Falcone's Pizzeria

Falcone's Pizzeria is one of the higher rated pizza restaurants in the Oklahoma City area. Located on N. May, Falcone’s Pizzeria is a great destination for comfort food and a quick bite to eat. With traditional pizza options, you know what to expect when you arrive. The charming backstory and delicious pies landed Falcone's Pizzeria in our Best Pizza Restaurants in Oklahoma City article.

Here is a quick overview of Falcone's Pizzeria from Google Reviews:

Falcone's Pizzeria

6705 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73116, United States

Comfort food · Small plates · Quick bite

4.5 Stars, 591 Ratings, $

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Falcone's Pizzeria is a fairly standard and predictable type of pizza restaurant. This is the same type of pizza restaurant you’ve probably been to a million times before. In spite of that, the pizza is still delicious though and worth trying. A low cost is another good reason to try it.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Falcone's Pizzeria. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Falcone's Pizzeria to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

I'm not going to lie, the staff & operations were a hot freakin adorable mess, but the food was OMG DELISH! I have been trying to watch my diet, but I DESERVED pizza after my marathon day between Tulsa & OKC. This place looked spot on for my taste. I called at 20:23 to place a carry out order. I was placed on hold, the receiver was set down, I listened to staff banter for 5 minutes before they hung up. Not going to lie....I was a little hot. I called back at 20:28. Same guy answers & apologizes saying they had been crazy, stupid busy for Valentines Day. Oh sh&t, Valentines Day! I forgot. I get it. I'm going to grade on a curve for that. I asked about a 4-cheese pizza I saw on Yelp. He said they didn't have a 4-cheese pizza (Ended up he was right. I saw a 3-cheese pizza, but my tired brain registered it as 4-cheese). I ended up ordering a large, white sauce, extra cheese, 1/2 beef & mushroom and an order of the FAB mozzarella sticks I saw on Yelp. I checked in to my hotel then headed their way.I arrived just before 9pm. Signage makes it easy to find. Parking was good. First impression was very "college-y"; smaller, concrete floors, lower end tables & booths. They had a guy playing love songs on a keyboard. There were 2 couples finishing up their heart-shaped pizza & wine Valentines special. I was pretty shocked to find they had not started my order :-/ I always see a F up as an opportunity to gauge what a business is really about. I said that the delay was cool, but let's circle back to this 3-cheese pizza. How about to make it a 3-cheese pizza with 1/2 beef & mushroom. DONE & that made me happy. I sat to wait & was brought an order of caprese salad (one of my favorites) and water. WOAH, I'll happily wait now. Caprese was DELISH. The couples finished, made small talk & left. My pizza was brought to the table.....but no mozzarella sticks!!!!!! So, waiting AGAIN! But this time, I had the restaurant to myself. I made small talk with the employees & they are good people. I just think they need to bring in many more good people for Valentines Day or other holidays because they were completely overwhelmed. Compensation for this wait was a slice of strawberry cake with chocolate shavings & I'm OK with that. I had a piece of the pizza & it was OMG, Delish, fall on the floor goodness. They added several huge dallops of ricotta. Savory, rich, mellow-melded-Italian cheesiness. The mozzarella sticks were done & I headed back to the hotel with 2 days worth of food and glad I got to know the employees. BTW...mozzarella sticks were the most substantial I've EVER had & tasty. In normal circumstances, this transaction would definitely not be ideal. If I was on my regular schedule, this was my regular spot & not a "special" day, I'd be harsher on my overall *s. The unprompted acts to make things right go a very long way with me. The quality & flavor of the food combined with the spirit & personalities of Kathleen & the employees trumps the order snafus. Now, I'm off to evaluate my susceptibility to being bought with caprese & cheesy deliciousness.

Review 2:

Omg.... is alll I have to say for the sauce!! I LOVED the red sauce!! The mozzarella sticks are large sticks and they are far better than any mozzarella stick you would get from sonic or Arby's! They tasted like they were made fresh! We got an 18" cheese and an 18" pepperoni for 6 people and have enough to stuff is! The pizza was soooo good! The cheese was cooked perfectly(which tells me they have a good quality cheese). And the texture of the crust was nice with a residue of fresh flour at the bottom-tasted sooo good!! I also tried the caprese salad- the tomatoes were a little overwhelming vs the grape tomato size and wished it had some balsamic reduction but I loved how they had chopped pieces of fresh basil in it! Also the cucumber onion salad was tasty and the pasta salad had 3 colors of bell pepper in it(which I loved).

Review 3:

As I write this, I'm sprawled out on my couch, my tummy bloated with the heavenly goodness that is Falcone's pizza. I do not know what rock I've been under that I did not know about this gem of a restaurant. I'm a huge fan of mozzarella sticks and so I ordered some, thinking they would be the run-of-the-mill deep fried cheese. Oh, Falcone's - you've  made a believer out of me! The mozzarella sticks are the most delicious I have ever had. Ever. Hands down - Do Not pass go - Do Not Collect $200 - THE BEST. They are huge and crispy and the cheese melts into your mouth in an explosion of deep fried goodness. Other mozzarella sticks will never be able to compete. You've ruined it for the competition - pat yourself on the back Falcone's. Now - the pizza.  The best pizza I have ever eaten in the state of Oklahoma. I made my own - an 18' pie with Alfredo, chicken, bacon and tomatoes.  We also ordered a beef double cheese. The crust was perfect. The toppings were a blend of bursting, robust flavors. Gone are the days that I eat plain Jane chain pizza. I'm a Falcone's customer for life.  If you want to try one of Oklahoma's elite pizzerias, do your stomach and tastebuds a favor and swing on it. It's a pizza lovers paradise.

Wrap Up

Oklahoma City has lots of great pizza options. Falcone's Pizzeria definitely makes the list. For that reason, it’s included on the top-list of OKC pizza destinations. Try it for yourself to see what you think today! You can order food delivery from Falcone's Pizzeria here and get it delivered right to your door in OKC.