Celebrate the July 4th weekend this year with food delivery from some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. Below is a list of some of the most popular foods Los Angeleans eat every July 4th. Chances are you’re celebrating at home this year due to Coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a delicious meal. With food delivery, you can spend more time with your family or friends in your apartment, house, or wherever, and less time cooking. And with contactless delivery available from all the biggest food delivery services, you have the peace of mind knowing your food is totally safe.

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Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs are about as American as it gets on July 4th. And in Los Angeles, there are a few options to get this delicious American treat. Here are a couple:

Forget the basic hotdogs of your youth. Dog Haus has some interesting and exciting options like the Sooo Cali with avocado, crispy fried onions, and spicy basil aioli, or the Pineapple express with a bacon wrapped dog, boullionase, and pineapple.

Another great Los Angeles option for a classic Hot Dog is Vicious Dogs. Located in North Hollywood, this joint features an adventurous menu. Options range from classics like Chili Cheese and Bacon-wrapped to Peanut Butter and Krusty Crab dogs.


Only slightly less patriotic than the classic Hot Dog, a Burger is no less perfect for a July 4th meal.

While you could go classic on the toppings, this place offers a wide variety of toppings such as ketchup leather, pig candy, smoked blue cheese, and more making this restaurant a must try.

This restaurant/butcher shop is the place to order form if you want a top notch classic burger. No frills about it, this Burger slaps.


Even though Los Angeles is a far cry from the Southern U.S. where Barbeque was not only invented, but also perfected, you can still find loads of awesome options.

This is one of the best Barbeque joints with food delivery in Los Angeles. Drool-worthy cut-to-order wood smoked meats including brisket, ribs, and pork shoulder accompanied by comforting sides such as buttermilk biscuits and cornbread.


Every July 4th meal needs a perfect ending with a tasty sweet dessert. And given the holiday, an amazing Pie from one of the best Pie restaurants in Los Angeles just makes sense.

An LA classic, enjoy their 4th of July menu including nectarine and blueberry pie, and New York style cheesecake. Get it delivered and enjoy.

Find the perfect pie to celebrate the 4th of July with options from a classic apple pie to an exciting earl grey tea pie.


Dispossessed Midwesterners and local Los Angeleans alike all enjoy Corn on this July 4th weekend.

Grab your hot dogs and corn on the cob from this LA Street Food classic. Enjoy the OG Dirty Corn with Lime, Mayo, Chile Powder, Cotija, Cilantro, and Bacon Bits, or opt for the spicier Flaming Corn featuring Hot Cheetos. You’ve never had Corn like this before.

While this place specializes in Hot Dogs, it also has a crazy good assortment of sides, one of which is a tasty Corn option.

Enjoy some Mexican street corn on or off the cob with mayo, cheese, butter, lemon, and chili powder. You can also order it with hot Cheetos.

These are just a few of the popular July 4th foods you can get delivered this weekend in Los Angeles. Order food from any of these restaurants and find the best deal from any available food delivery service.

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