Celebrate the July 4th weekend this year with food delivery from some of the best restaurants in Nashville. Not surprisingly, Nashville is home to some pretty raucous July 4th celebrations, although this year will certainly be a different sort of holiday weekend. While there will still be the normal consumption of classic eats and backyard cookouts, social distancing guidelines will certainly limit the larger gatherings all American’s are used to for July 4th. With food delivery, get all of the food you want delivered right to your door without the hassle of wearing a mask to go out and get groceries for cooking.

Below is a list of some of the most popular foods in Nashville for July 4th. With food delivery, you can spend more time with your family or friends in your apartment, house, or wherever, and less time cooking. And use contactless delivery on every order to stay as safe as possible.

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Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs are the epitome of a classic American food on the 4th of July. Here are a few options in Nashville to get a great dog.

A top rated spot across Nashville, Cori’s has hotdog options for everyone. Find classic East Coast flavors in the Pennsylvania “Mop Dog” or enjoy a Southern twist with the “Memphis” including bacon and bbq sauce. These aren’t your typical Hot Dogs.

A great spot for unique gourmet hot dogs. Try the “Big Daddy” dog that is topped with cream cheese, bacon, pickles, grilled onion, jalapeno, and Daddy’s Secret Sauce. This delicious spot can have a Hot Dog delivered to your door in no time at all this weekend.


While the classic Hot Dog is always a crowd pleaser, a terrific Burger is no less delicious and in Nashville, there is no lack of incredibly tasty options.

One of the best Burger spots in Nashville is the “Wurst Burger Joint.” It’s guaranteed to dish up some killer burgers for you and the rest of your July 4th celebrating co-patriots. With over 14 different burger creations, including multiple vegetarian and vegan options, there is quite literally a type of Burger available for every person.

Some Burger places go for glitz and glam. Bare Bones Butcher focuses on the classics. They locally source all the meat for their burgers that are crafted by hand for premium quality and taste. These classic Burgers and Cheeseburgers are some of the best you can find in Nashville.


You didn’t think we would forget to add the classic BBQ option to a July 4th food list did you? Of course we didn’t, this is Nashville we’re speaking about of course.

A Nashville favorite that proudly serves BBQ from “pit to plate”.  Enjoy pork shoulder, ribs, and brisket along with any of their comforting sides, such as mac n cheese and potato salad. It’s certainly going to hit the patriotic sweet spot with some tangy BBQ goodness.

Another incredible July 4th option for BBQ is from Peg Leg. Known for it’s dry rub ribs, this place is a must try in Nashville for locals and visitors alike. Pair it with some bbq beans and coleslaw for the perfect 4th of July lunch, dinner, picnic, or whatever else you want to call the best meal of the year.


Every July 4th meal needs a great dessert to finish off the meal. In Nashville, Pie is one of the most popular options. It’s hard to beat the classic Cherry, Strawberry, Apple, or Blueberry options, but these Nashville spots have not only these options, but also an even wider assortment.

These southern style homemade pies are the perfect dessert to compliment a July 4th meal. While you could opt for their classic, and delicious Apple pie, venture out on a limb and choose an adventurous flavor such as Steeplechase Derby Pie for a twist this year.

This Nashville classic is listed among the “Best Southern Food” restaurants in the entire region. If you want a go-to dessert this holiday, Arnold’s pies will not disappoint. Try their summer time peach pie, or check out the intriguing spicy chocolate pie. There are no bad options on this menu. Try as many as you want!

Fried Chicken

This is not only a July 4th classic in Nashville, it’s a staple all year long in this Tennessee metropolis. It should never cease to surprise you that you can find an almost infinite number of amazing Fried Chicken restaurants in the city.

If you like hot and spicy Fried Chicken, Party Fowl is the place for you. With 9 hot chicken recipes ranging from “easy as pie” to “you’ve been warned”, the heat will not disappoint. We recommend you have ample water on hand to quench your thirst. But hey, July 4th in Nashville is hot so your food might as well be hot and spicy too.

Another favorite, this classic Nashville Chicken restaurant serves chicken southern style (or not spicy) all the way up to “Shut the cluck up!!”. Pair your chicken with southern greens and red skin potato salad for the perfect meal.

These are just a few of the popular July 4th foods you can get delivered this weekend in Nashville. Order food from any of these restaurants and find the best deal from any available food delivery service.

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