The time of year has arrived. For most of us, the Fourth of July will look quite different this year. Yet, there remains plenty of safe and enjoyable ways to commemorate America’s anniversary. Here are some of our top suggestions.

2020 hasn't been an easy year for our country, or just about anyone. If there's ever been an Independence Day to celebrate the American nation and its citizens, it's this one. Ironically, we find ourselves celebrating American freedom while much of our country remains on lockdown or meets additional quarantine periods. With the spread of the Coronavirus, many states have chosen to cancel their annual ceremonies and festivals to dissuade the gathering of large crowds. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is continually urging citizens to take necessary safety precautions this Independence Day. The director of the CDC, Robert Redfield, has recently addressed the rise of daily coronavirus cases, stating, "For the Fourth of July, which is a family event, we want to emphasize that it’s really important that we get back to being vigilant as our collective commitment ... to protect vulnerable friends, family, communities."

Despite these confinements, there are still numerous alternatives to celebrate the Fourth of July while keeping socially distant and complying with the CDC's guidelines. From having a picnic takeout swap to a backyard movie night, below are some of our top recommendations for enjoying the holiday responsibly:

Have a backyard picnic

Whether you're feasting on your delicious meals or spreading a checked blanket in a park under a sky packed with fireworks, no other celebration screams "picnic" quite like the Fourth of July. Has your city closed picnic areas, parks or beaches? Now is the time to utilize your (or your friend’s) backyard - just make sure you are socially distant at all times. When it comes to food preparation, just order online - who really wants to prepare food on this festive day anyway...

Takeout swap

If a backyard picnic is not an option, we can always go virtual. As a fun twist, we recommend trying out a takeout swap. This is where each participating friend, family, or neighbor drops off a basket filled with delicious takeout meals at a participant's house. Each participant should avoid the temptation of opening the contents until the designated time as they should be a surprise. When the time comes, arrange a Zoom conference call, unpack the appetizing surprises, and enjoy the goodies together.


In an effort to restrain crowds, several firework exhibitions across the country have been cancelled. Yet, there are many viable alternatives. For example, some cities are still setting off fireworks, albeit slightly differently than planned. They are found to offer "drive-in" shows where people are invited to park and remain in their cars for the show. Others advise people not to gather in one area but rather to observe the fireworks from less crowded, socially-distant locations. If you do not feel comfortable going out in public, you can still virtually take part in the festivities from the comfort of your own home. Most cities have announced that residents who opt to stay home will be able to stream fireworks displays through the local news networks. Regardless of which option you choose, make sure to celebrate with a patriotic takeout hotdog.

Online movie night

Social distancing does not mean you can't throw a July 4th online watch party. Using browser extensions like Netflix Party, you can sync videos and incorporate group text and video chat features to double the fun with friends and family. Watching a patriotic movie is an added bonus! Check out some of our recommendations below:

- Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

- Rocky

- The Patriot

- Independence Day

- Miracle - Apollo 13

- Saving Private Ryan

- Captain America

And most importantly, make sure to order your movie foods & snacks beforehand. Nobody enjoys cold food.

Virtual History Tour

While living under quarantine has become difficult in numerous ways, one unexpected positive has been the increased access to historical sites and museums. Institutions have incorporated free online tours at their popular exhibitions. You can celebrate the anniversary by delving deeper into the eventful history of our country with virtual visits to the Statue of Liberty, NASA, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, and George Washington's Mount Vernon, among other countless other world-renowned sites. To elevate your experience, we recommend following a virtual guide, relaxing on your sofa with an appetizing takeout meal to devour, and collaboratively celebrate the achievements of our nation.

While this years July 4th celebrations will no doubt be different, there are still plenty of ways you can make it enjoyable and take advantage of the unique circumstances. These are just a few of our solutions. And if you want to make sure to stay as safe as possible and avoid leaving your house on this busy holiday weekend, order contactless food delivery so the best July 4th foods like hot dogs, burgers, fruit, pies, and more can be delivered safely to your door.