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Need to balance your diet in between all the pizza and ice cream? Well, FoodBoss picked the top 4 salad spots in Miami to help. Everything from vegan and gluten free options to Israeli street food inspired salads. These restaurants will help you fit in your favorite pair of pants. Try them today and you won’t be disappointed.


Serving delicious and healthy Mediterranean dishes is no easy task, but Shawarma is up to the challenge. The restaurant also delivers to all areas in Kendall and Doral. Order if you're on a journey to a healthier lifestyle and discovering different cuisines.

The Shawarma menu is huge- everything from wraps, platters, and appetizers to salads. My regular is the shawarma salad. You can choose between beef or chicken meat for the salad. I like to ask for a combination of beef and chicken because they're both super tender and delicious in their own ways. It's an excellent choice if you like an ample amount of protein in your salad. My other go to salad is the Tabouleh Salad because I love the texture of the tiny chopped parsley. This is a good option if you are completely vegan, and want a healthy, delicious salad.


Casavana has five locations around the south Florida area. This family owned restaurant serves home style Cuban favorites like empanadas, quesadilla, sandwiches, and salads. Enjoy your hearty and healthy meals surrounded by their hospitable staff and warm atmosphere.

The Casavana menu has a lot of delicious Cuban dishes, but if you're trying to stick to the nutritious salads then they have those. My favorite is the tuna salad because the tuna is freshly made in house. You get big two scoops of the meat that's refreshing and delicious. The shrimp caesar salad is amazing and packed with flavor. The contrast of the shrimp and the lettuce is wonderful.

Green Bar and Kitchen

Green Bar and Kitchen dresses up your lunch table with the most beautiful and nutritious foods. The vibrant setting is perfect for healing your body with great tasting nutritious food. The Green Bar and Kitchen menu incorporates the most wholesome ingredients such as whole grains, nuts, seeds, fresh vegetables, and cold-pressed juices. All the items are vegan and the baked goods have gluten free options.

My favorite salad is their Power Salad because it fuels me with energy throughout the day. It’s decorated with goji berries, pickled onion, almonds, quinoa, chickpeas, and topped with mouthwatering truffle dressing. I love the different texture of the toppings such as almonds and quinoa because they go along with each other as well. The truffle dressing is delicious and gives a nice touch of luxury to the overall dish. My second favorite salad is the Buffalo Chick Salad only because it contains gluten. The dressing of this salad is blu cheese and buffalo sauce based, which is creamy and flavorful. The chopped vegan chicken is tender and tastes exactly like real chicken.

Sunrise Pita & Grill

Sunrise Pita and Grill was established in 1998 by an Israeli born chef who specialized in middle eastern cuisine. The restaurant has been on a long journey to bringing traditional Israeli street foods to South Florida. Praised as one of the best Israeli restaurants in America, Sunrise Pita and Grill does not disappoint. The restaurant is clean and efficient. All the meats are premium quality cuts, and every dish is made to order to ensure freshness.

The Sunrise Pita & Grill menu serves tender shawarma, falafels, and a variety of meats from the grill. On top of the delicious meats, the restaurant has delicious salads. All the salads are served on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cabbage salad. Customers have the freedom to choose the meat to accompany the vegetables. My favorite is the Chicken Cutlet and the Jerusalem Mix. Chicken Cutlet is breaded and fried chicken breasts. I like it because the chicken always tastes fresh and the breading is never soggy- it’s always crisp and delicious. The Jerusalem Mix is a good choice if you love both chicken and turkey. The mix of chicken and turkey blends in seamlessly with the grilled onion to create a beautiful flavor.

What’s better than a cool refreshing bowl full of greens? Let us know if you fancied our top 4 picks for salads in Miami. Remember, you can always have a tremendous salad from any of these great restaurants delivered right to your door with FoodBoss, the world's only food delivery aggregator.