Alright, let me outline a situation for you. You've been playing for a bit, and you're starting to feel an empty pain in your stomach. A quick glance towards the window, and you realize it's pitch black outside. Check the phone - and what was supposed to be a quick break turned into another epic 6, 8, even 12-hour gaming marathon.

All the sudden, food is the only thing you can think about. Pizza, Chipotle, Burger, Sushi, Fried Chicken. Salads. Pasta. It literally doesn't matter. You're craving food, and you can't focus on playing. What do you do?

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Trust me; I feel your pain. I've ended up in this position one too many times myself over the years. Even back in college, this was a huge problem. I often wound up playing until the middle of the night, and by the time I realized how hungry I was, there weren't any restaurants open within walking distance.

There are a few different options as I see it. First, you could not play for as long and remember to eat - dumb idea I know. Food shouldn't get in the way of playing with friends or getting better online. Obviously, this is not the solution any passionate video game player is looking to hear. But I thought I would throw it out there.

A somewhat more reasonable answer may be to meal prep ahead of time. Heck, if people meal prep during the week for the gym or to bring lunch to work, why can't you meal prep for gaming? This isn't a terrible idea, but it doesn't address the problem. When you get in a rhythm gaming, you quickly lose track of time. That makes getting up and fixing the food difficult when you're in the middle of a game.

The solution that works best for me, and also for most of my friends, is food delivery. Food delivery has been associated with gaming for a few years now. You've probably seen the different promotions food delivery companies and restaurants keep pushing. And it's no surprise they've also started sponsoring some of the bigger esports teams.

And I have to say food delivery is pretty much my dream scenario. People bring food to my door with the tap of a few buttons on an app or a website. In theory, I get exactly what I want right when I want it. The problem is that often food delivery falls short of expectations. That's where the FoodBoss comes in.

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How FoodBoss Helps Gamers:

FoodBoss is a food delivery aggregator that compares multiple food delivery services at once. You can compare the delivery fees different food delivery companies (like Uber Eats, Postmates, DoorDash, Caviar, and others) charge from the same restaurants. You can also filter by delivery time estimates.

It's perfect when I'm playing video games for a couple of reasons. First, I find the cheapest delivery from whatever restaurant I want that offers delivery. Instead of flipping between multiple apps, I know right away who I should order from. It's also great because FoodBoss has more restaurants available than any other single app because it combines all their results into one place. When I try to order at 3 am, and most restaurants are closed, that's a huge help.

Finding the quickest delivery time estimate is another reason I love FoodBoss. I want to spend time playing, not checking where my delivery driver is or if the order has even left yet. Sorting by time lets me know better when to expect my order so I can focus on the game when I need to and the food when it's getting close.

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Especially in college, when I was more strapped for cash, FoodBoss would have been a big help to fueling my love of video games. Still, I'm glad I have it now. I've ended up saving a ton of money because I spend so much time playing video games and then end up ordering food delivery so often when it's too late to go get food or make it.