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Chicago is a steak town - plain and simple. And, with fierce competition among steakhouses, it was hard to narrow down our top picks. You can get many of these meals delivered right to your door using FoodBoss.


This hip restaurant has an acronym as its’ name and puts all the steakhouses to shame for not being bold enough. With white swirling ceilings and futuristic seating, STK gives the funkiest fun vibe out of all the steak spots in Chicago. Fueled by nightly live DJ music, great cocktails, and steaks- your night will turn around for the better if you visit STK.

The STK menu is full of mouthwatering steak options. Steaks come in every size and marbling you can imagine. My recommendation is the large Dry aged Porterhouse. This giant steak amounts to a total of 28 oz and is known as the King of Steaks at the restaurant. It’s the combination of the most tender cut of steaks offered at the restaurant, which are the New York Sirloins and Filet Mignon. The shareable portion makes the price point very reasonable and the best value on the menu. I like to pair the steak with a side of Creamy Yukon potatoes and Ginger Mojito to dazzle the night. Side potatoes are creamy and melt away in your mouth and compliment the tender steaks. Ginger Mojito is a must have for crisp mint and ginger pick me up.

Bavette's Bar & Boeuf

Bavette's is one of the best places to bring your romantic date in Chicago. The charming candlelit atmosphere is even more intensified with jazz era furnishings and music. Bavette's menu allows guests to indulge in classic steaks, delicious side dishes, seafood, and decadent desserts.

I find that Bavette offers the most tender of all the Filet Mignons in town. The dish comes with a side of roasted tomatoes and one juicy filet mignon. I like the side of creamy bearnaise sauce that helps intensify the alluring taste of the meat. I recommend that you end your meal with their famous Chocolate Cream Pie. This carefully crafted masterpiece has a heavenly creamy texture and rich chocolate taste. You and your date will surely indulge the food and the experience.

Chicago Cut

Chicago Cut is a modern yet classy restaurant offering jaw dropping list of wines and the most tender cuts of steak River North has to offer. The restaurant is the standard when it comes to prime steaks and fine dining experience. The interior is elegant with red chairs and white linen tables fit as a charming accent to the space. With a huge window overlooking the river, while looking at the beautiful views Chicago has to offer.

I was surprised to find the Chicago Cut menu had a list of fresh seafood selections. I recommend the steamed Alaskan King Crab Legs to go along with your favorite steak. The crabs are steamed to perfection- juicy and have a sweet kick to bite.

My favorite meat is the Colorado Double Cut Lamb Chops with the delicious complimentary Michigan cherry mint sauce. The lamb chops are unlike any that I’ve tried as it is tender and as sweet as it can get. The complimentary sauce is a refreshing touch to reduce the slightly gamy flavor of the lamb.

The extensive list of wines are conveniently listed on an I-pad. Customers can sort through their favorite wine region and price range making for a way more efficient and customized to everyone’s desire.

Las Tablas

Las Tablas is a traditional Latin American steakhouse located in Lakeview. This family owned staple in the neighborhood prides itself on using only the freshest and most natural ingredients. The rustic setting of the restaurant emulates the rich history and amplifies the authentic dining experience.

Las Tablas menu offers a wide range of unique meats. I love the option to combine any of the two types of meat offered at the restaurant. Customers can choose from skirt steak, chicken breast, pork loin, calamari, baby octopus, or shrimp. I recommend the combination of skirt steak and pork loin. The special herb “guascas” gives the skirt steak a unique earthy taste that can only be tasted to understand.

Maple & Ash

Maple & Ash is a beautiful steakhouse located at the heart of Gold Coast. This lavish dining establishment is elegantly decorated with chandeliers and sleek furnishings. Along with the great space, the staff is always working diligently to serve you with a phenomenal experience. For this reason, Maple & Ash is perfectly suited for luxurious life celebrations.

The Maple & Ash menu has an overall whimsical tone. For example, their chef’s selection of dishes are friskily named “I don’t give a f*ck”. For $145, a fairly steep price to pay, the attentive service and the quality of the food makes it worth every penny. The masterful handmade selection from the chef is perfect for indecisive visitors. My favorite is the 28 Day Dry Aged Tomahawk because of the perfect marbling and the texture of the meat. The outer layer of the steak is smoky in flavor and crisp in texture. The inside of the steak is as juicy and tender as you could ever want it to be. The steak pairs well with a side of asparagus complete with a hint of mint and almonds.


Located in James Hotel, Primehouse is an upscale restaurant that specializes specifically in dry aged steaks. Dry aged steaks are usually aged for weeks, and this process makes the meat more tender and tasty. Needless to say, Primehouse is known for leaving people satisfied and craving their steaks for weeks to come.

Primehouse’s menu has a number of options for dry aged beef and seafood options. The 30 Day Porterhouse is my go to recommendation because it is perfect for sharing or taking some leftovers home. The dry aged steak has the perfect distribution of fat and meat making it so that every bite is just as flavorful and juicy as the one before. The shrimp cocktail works great as a shared appetizer, so it’s a must have with the Porterhouse.

Roka Akor

Roka Akor is a stylish Japanese steakhouse located in River North. With five locations all around America, there’s plenty of people that are infatuated with the restaurant chain. This stylish restaurant features Robatayaki style dishes, meaning they’re made in open fire over charcoal. With a long list of sophisticated drinks, fresh sushi picks, and savory meats, Roka Akor is one of the most unique steakhouses in the Chicago area.

Roka Akor menu features various cuts of steak, seafood, and vegetables with visionary fusion style sushis and other marinated dishes. My recommendation is the Japanese Grade A5 Wagyu beef which has the most intense marbling out of all the steaks on our list. The meat is high quality and noticeably different in texture. It’s so tender you could cut it with a butter knife and it has a delicious buttery taste. The steak goes nicely along with their refreshing housemade raspberry mule with ginger beer.

Tango Sur

Tango Sur is a romantic candle lit Argentine Restaurant serving Prime cuts perfect for the summer weather. This go to date night spot is dimly lit inside and has great patio seating outside, so reserve your seats early. The restaurant is also BYOB, so you can bring your red favorite wine to go along with your Argentinian dinner.

Tango Sur menu has mass quantities of meat that are perfect for sharing. Most of the meats are priced around $30, which is reasonable for the quality of the steak. My favorite from the menu is the Churrasco, which is a sirloin steak cooked on the grill. It’s served with house salad and seasoned potato wedges.

The Sirloin steak isn’t as tender as the other cuts of steak, but the meat is lean and has a nice smoky flavor that’s retained from the charcoal grill (which I love). If you have a large group of people in your party, I recommend getting the empanadas as a starter because it’s cheap and delicious. The empanadas are full of herby stuffings and crispy on the outside, making it the best starter to mix and match with your guests.

The Palm

The Palm is renowned for high end steaks, seafood, and the extensive list of wines. Defined by professional staff and juicy filet mignons that make for a dining experience like no other. The restaurant is located in Swissotel Chicago overlooking magnificent Lake Michigan and Navy Pier.

The Palm menu has been a long time favorite of the local Chicagoans. From mouth watering appetizers to their superb steaks and fresh seafood selections, they’re known for superior quality food all around. My favorite is the Filet Mignon paired with their Baby Kale Salad. The filet mignons are aged at least 35 days, making the end product super juicy and tender. The baby kale salad is a healthier pairing with their hefty steaks that come in 9oz and 14oz. The salad comes with toasted pine nuts, dried cranberries as a pop of zing and shaved parmesan cheese.


Sullivan's is a sophisticated steak house conveniently located in the heart of Chicago’s River North neighborhood. The restaurant goes the extra mile and plays live music during your posh dining experience. With a simple and elegant interior, Sullivan’s provides a classy dining experience perfect for any occasion.

Sullivan's menu is presented like no other. Starting from carefully executed starters to soups, salads, steaks, entrees, and sides- Everything is made with care and the end results are outstanding. Although my favorite cut of steak is the filet mignon, I opted for the Bone In Ribeye along with their 3 Cheese Mac a lot. The mac and cheese was extremely creamy and rich and probably, the best I’ve ever had. I ordered the bone in ribeye medium, and it came perfectly cooked, tender, and full of flavor, I can’t wait to go back and try the filet mignon later!

Joe’s Seafood

Their legendary Stone Crab was so popular in Miami that Richard Melmen and the Lettuce Entertain You Group decided to bring it to Chicago in 2000. Lucky us Chicagoans! Now we don’t have to travel far to enjoy the succulent crab meat. The dining experience at Joe’s Seafood is classic and timeless. The fancy tuxedoed staff will help you in each step of the process to ensure quality service and food.

Joe’s Seafood menu primarily consists of quality steaks and fresh seafood. The most popular item on the menu is their Stone Crab dish. This particular shellfish is only found in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This crab is the juiciest and freshest seafood in Chicago. The flavoring of the meat is sweet and comes with a complimentary mustard sauce to further enhance the flavor. If you’re a traditional steak type of person, then I have good news this restaurant has one of the best! My favorite is the Bone in Filet Mignon. The steaks are hand carved by their master butchers exclusively to be served at Joe’s Seafood Restaurant. The Bone in Filet Mignon has a rich on the bone flavor, but is extremely tender to the bite.

Now that you know our Top 11 Picks for Steakhouses in Chicago. Let us know which city you think serves the best steaks in America!