The past year has been EXHAUSTING, not to mention extremely lonely. We were stuck isolated for over a year forcing us to pick up random solitary hobbies like puzzles, baking, and maybe even solitaire (somehow we managed to get that bored). It is time to put all those hobbies and last year behind us though.

As you set out to your family outing to hear some random story your [insert crazy relative] has told a thousand times or to a party to celebrate with friends there is something us here at FoodBoss want you to know. DO NOT WASTE YOUR FIRST HOLIDAY BACK COOKING. Don't waste a single second of this holiday away from friends and family because you are stuck in the kitchen or at the grill. Take a load off, relax, order some food in and toast to yourself for making it through this troubled time.

We have compiled lists of the best places to order some of your 4th of July favorites. The restaurants featured are sure to exceed your wildest dreams whether you want a hotdog, burger, or another favorite of yours.

Los Angeles




Long Beach

Don't see your city here? DM us on social media or send us an email and we will be sure to send you all the answers for what and where to order. Hop over to FoodBoss to see restaurants near you in the mean time.

4th of July Stats for Inspiration

  1. Fried chicken was our most ordered food last year. RUNNER UPS: Donuts & Pizza
  2. Little Caesars was our most ordered restaurant last year. RUNNER UPS: Krispy Kreme & Popeyes
  3. 4PM-6PM was the most popular ordering time, so think about ordering outside of that time range to avoid increased fees
  4. Miami residents knew how to celebrate in style and ordered the most food of all our cites. Do like Miami and make your life easy this year by ordering in

Team Favorites

Not feeling hot dogs, burgers, fried chicken, pizza, or donuts? Then maybe our team favorites will be that last bit of inspiration you need to answer the all important question "What should I eat?" These dishes are FoodBoss favorites and are sure to leave anyone satisfied.

  1. Ribs
  2. Pulled pork sandwiches
  3. Chips & Guac
  4. Pasta salad
  5. Steaks

Still can't decide? Stop wasting your holiday. Head to FoodBoss and order the burger. It is time to get back to celebrating! Don't forget to use sunscreen and stay safe out there.