Ever heard of having a case of the Mondays?  You’re tired, hungry, and jonesing for that sweet weekend you just left behind?   The dreadful monotony of the “day job” lingering. Guess that’s why ABC has been airing The Bachelor on Mondays for 25 seasons. They know most people need it. Kinda like you need food to live.

What most people may not have noticed is that The Bachelor is not JUST a show; it is an experience. For every spilled glass of wine, each swooning look, there’s a tweet going out and a MEME that leaves you holding your sides.  Ever stopped to wonder why it is so popular? As it turns out, there is a simple answer. The Bachelor is the reality show version of food delivery. This may seem a tad over the top, but it is pretty spot on. Read on to learn four ways The Bachelor is like food delivery.

#1 Whether It’s Partners or Food Delivery Services, There are Too Many Options

When you are 28 years old, single, and hot, the world is your oyster. For some stranger reason, however, Matt James decided he should be settling down. OK. You do you, Matt! ABC is then kind enough to parade 37 twenty something gals in front of Matt for his choosing. Their lack of self-esteem aside, this does not sound like an easy task. Matt must assess these women, consider his own tastes and preferences, and make the best choice he can given the options in front of him. The good news is that he does not have to break down the reasons why when he tells a woman to hit the bricks; he just doesn’t give her a rose. Perhaps this is not so complicated after all!

This is not terribly different from food delivery. There are so many possibilities to choose from that it may be tricky to know where to start. Not only do you have to make the tough decision as to what you should order, but you also must decide which of the many food delivery apps you will use. Luckily, in lieu of a rose, there is FoodBoss. It allows you to search all the popular food delivery apps simultaneously. It will help you narrow down a choice that is both cheap and fast. Which, it is worth mentioning, is the opposite of what any bachelor should be looking for in a wife.

#2 Ordering Food Online & Binge Watching Reality TV are Both Guilty Pleasures

Reality TV is like a dirty secret we don’t want the world to know we crave.  Oh but not with The Bachelor, with its cult- like following there are more than a handful of people who will gladly share this information with you, but they will couch this bomb by mentioning, “It is my guilty pleasure.” Roughly translated, they’re saying that most of the shows they view add something to their life in the form of laughs or information. This show, however, is junk food.

Food delivery is no different. Once you get started using FoodBoss, you may never leave the house again. Don’t feel like cooking? No problem. Have a craving for some sugary convection that will do no favors for your health? You’re covered. Using FoodBoss will make food delivery just a tad too easy. You will be tempted to say that you just use it on occasion as a guilty pleasure, but you will know the truth.

#3 Food & Funny Make You Feel Good About Yourself

People love a good train wreck. Watching 37 young ladies compete for a husband on national television can do wonders for your self-esteem. Sure, you are sipping wine on a Monday. It could be far worse. You could be throwing wine into the face of a romantic competitor to win a man’s heart. That ought to make you feel like a million bucks.

It is a similar case with food delivery. Are you feeling a little down? Order up a piping hot batch of comfort. Whether it is a cheeseburger or a pizza, there is no question that our favorite foods make us happy. Thanks to FoodBoss, you can have a bucket of fried chicken with a side of biscuits that remind you of the ones your grandma used to make delivered to your door with ease.  Did I mention you can get your bottle of wine with that?

#4 Getting Food to Your Doorstep, While Piling on the Entertainment? Too Much May Not be a Good Thing

It has to be said. When it comes to watching The Bachelor, you can overdo it. Ingesting this show week in and week out for 25 seasons may skew your view of the dating scene. You may start thinking that you are ready to marry someone who you have only known for 10 weeks. You might think group dates are a perfectly normal courting ritual. If this sounds too familiar, step away from the television and read a book.

You may experience something similar with food delivery services. Thanks to the ease of using FoodBoss, you may end up having breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered each day. Is this a bad thing? Again, let’s not judge. However, if the delivery person is now your closest friend, you may want to consider ordering an extra side item to share with him.

Now that you get it, don’t be ashamed of indulging in your guilty pleasure during the season premier today. Stay tuned to see if Katie’s season holds true with our food delivery comparison, we have a feeling it will.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit www.foodboss.com or download the app and order up whatever shakes a case of the Mondays & pairs well with your wine. Either way, we are sure that there will be enough non-stop drama that you will not want to get up from the couch, so order online, find that perfect spot on your couch and prepare yourself for the week with good food, wine & fun.