If you're considering re-opening your restaurant as stay-at-home restrictions are lifted, food delivery will likely be a key component of your business strategy. Whether you employ your food delivery drivers or utilize third-party food delivery services to deliver your food, keeping drivers safe is essential. Safe drivers equal safe consumers, and now more than ever that's key.

Here are a few tips to share with your drivers or couriers to keep them safe:

  1. Require drivers to wear a mask anytime they get out of the vehicle to make a delivery.
  2. Require drivers to wear disposable gloves throughout their entire shift.
  3. Provide hand sanitizer to drivers and require they use it regularly during shifts.
  4. Require drivers to wash their hands before and after making a delivery in the restaurant.
  5. Designate a special area in the restaurant for delivery drivers to pick up meals and sanitize that area often and restrict crowding around it.
  6. Require employees in the restaurant who package the delivery food to use hand sanitizer before packing every order before it is ready for the delivery drivers.
  7. Instruct drivers and customers that deliveries will be contactless to minimize possible spread.
  8. Require customers to pay for their delivery meal ahead of time with a credit card and instruct drivers not to accept cash.
  9. Provide disinfectant wipes to be used on the steering wheel and other hard surfaces in the car after shifts are done.
  10. If drivers show any symptoms, require them to stay home.