Contactless delivery was rapidly rolled out by all of the top food delivery services in the midst of restaurant closures across the country in late-March/early-April. These closures caused a tremendous increase in demand for food delivery, and contactless options were introduced to keep both drivers and consumers safe.

In light of the rapid rise of Coronavirus cases, cities and states across the country have taken unprecedented steps to contain the spread of this novel disease. A common precaution governors and mayors alike have taken to enforce strict social distancing practices has been to close restaurants and bars where large groups of people cluster.

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This has left many consumers and restaurants across the country in need of an alternative method to deliver and receive their meals. To handle the increased demand for food delivery, while also practicing safe social distancing measures, the major food delivery companies in the last month or so have introduced a new option: contactless delivery.

What is Contactless Delivery?

"Contactless delivery generally means that those ordering food or other supplies can get them delivered without coming face-to-face with their delivery driver."*

Food delivery has quickly become a crucial service during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, each food delivery service has introduced it in a different, unique method of contactless delivery on their apps. Because it was needed so quickly, contactless delivery was sometimes introduced on these apps in a haphazard way.

Below, we will show you how each food delivery app's contactless delivery option works. While most of the country continues to remain under some form of lockdown or limited travel ban, food delivery remains one of the few safe and reliable ways that people can get restaurant food.

How Does Contactless Delivery Work?

Below you'll see a brief tutorial on each app from April about how you can utilize the new Contactless Delivery options.

Uber Eats -

Postmates -

Caviar -

DoorDash -

Grubhub -

While each food delivery app now offers contactless delivery, it's not always the easiest system to navigate to ensure your food is delivered in the safest way possible.

Hopefully these videos give you a better sense of how to navigate through any one of these apps you choose to order from in order to select the 'contactless delivery' option. By using the contactless delivery option, you will ensure that you get your food delivery safely and quickly.

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