This is Fiction!

Food delivery fees are higher right now because of Coronavirus! Food delivery is one of the most popular methods to get food quickly and safely to people’s houses during the Coronavirus. Demand for food delivery was expected to increase during the crisis, and so far there are clear signs this has already started.

A lot of people have been writing in and asking us if they should expect an impact on their food delivery fees during this time of increased demand. The short answer, yes!

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As with any bump in demand, there will of course be an impact on what consumers pay. FoodBoss found that this past week (March 12 - March 18), food delivery fees were on average 16.3% higher across the country compared to the first week of February, which was just days after the first Coronavirus case was confirmed in the United States.

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While many delivery companies are taking steps to confront the spread of COVID-19, the increased demand has consumers facing unusually high fees. Some food delivery companies are doing their part to help small restaurants stay afloat during this time when many government officials are shutting down dine-in restaurant options, leaving food delivery as a last resort for restaurants.

On the other hand, some companies have made splashy efforts to publicize free delivery options to the public. Publicly, food delivery companies seem to be taking steps to minimize the cost to consumers, but with all the additional fees they tack onto orders, you’re likely paying more than usual.

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In fact, FoodBoss found that over the last week, consumers were 70.8% more likely to pay a service fee compared to the previous week. Service fees are being charged more and more frequently! For context, President Trump declared a national emergency 6 days ago, after which more strict social distancing and quarantining measures have been adopted by states and cities leading to increased demand for food delivery.

Food delivery fees are certainly higher than usual, and Coronavirus is definitely to blame. However, for the safety of yourself and loved ones, food delivery is still a worthwhile investment to safely get food delivered to your home, and finding deals is still possible. You can compare the total cost of food delivery from multiple services easily to find the best deal with FoodBoss. Find the best deal, every time.