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You probably already know there are a ton of different food delivery apps that allow you to order great food from lots of your favorite restaurants. Postmates, Uber Eats, Caviar are just a couple examples but the list goes on and on. But we also get the question all the time, “What is the cheapest food delivery service?”

The answer: it depends - there is not a clear cheapest delivery app. It depends on a lot of factors, (delivery address, time, etc.) but we can get to that another time.

And especially given the current circumstances, with Covid concerns sweeping the country as restaurants re-open or face another round of closures, food delivery is being used more and more by people like you across the country. And such, people are more interested than ever in finding the cheapest food delivery option nearby.

*Update: As many restaurants were initially forced to close as a result of Covid, finding options for delivery became difficult. Use FoodBoss to search for available pickup options in your area today as well as all available restaurants.

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While everyone loves the convenience of food delivery, it can also be very expensive. If you’re like most people, you want to make sure you’re getting a good deal and not overpaying. You probably think there’s no way you can determine which app is cheapest without chaotically flipping between all of them on your phone. If you want to get the best deals on food delivery, (the best price or fastest time) we have the solution for you.

Save Money and Time with the Best Food Delivery App Available

Welcome to FoodBoss. FoodBoss allows you to compare multiple delivery fee charges and delivery time estimates from the same restaurant across different delivery services such as Postmates or Uber Eats. Then you can compare which one is the best option for you.

FoodBoss collects all the information about pricing and time from our food delivery partner services and provides you with that information allowing you to make the smartest purchase possible. FoodBoss can save you time and money on food delivery by providing the most information available about food delivery in one app and website.

One feature of FoodBoss that doesn’t get enough attention is the number of restaurants available. A lot of your favorite restaurants might not be available on every food delivery service’s app.

For example, Restaurant A might be available on Food Delivery Service A and B. But it might not be available on Food Delivery Service C. If you only order using Food Delivery Service C’s app, then you won’t ever see Restaurant A as a listed option. FoodBoss doesn’t think you should miss out on any opportunity for a great meal.

*Update: And since the pandemic, FoodBoss has also worked harder to add additional restaurants. Last month, we launched our Restaurants Open For Business campaign to support local restaurants and offering a free FoodBoss listing.

Because FoodBoss collects all the information in real time from the different food delivery companies, you can see every restaurant possibly available that offers food delivery. Instead of only seeing the results from one food delivery app, see the restaurant options from multiple different services all in one simple to use app.

Since FoodBoss combines different services in one place, it has the most available food options possible. In the cities where FoodBoss operates, it has the most number of restaurants compared to any other food delivery company - over 225,000 restaurants! Just think of all the different Thai, Italian, Chinese, Indian or other types of restaurants you can discover in your city.

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FoodBoss is available in over 50 metropolitan areas across the US. Check it out here to see if it’s available in your city today. If not, we’re expanding rapidly and will likely be available to you soon.

You might think that food delivery fees are probably consistent amongst different food delivery services. In an ideal world this might be true, but unfortunately it is not the case. Food delivery is still in its early stages and some things are still getting figured out. If you’re a regular food delivery user then you’re probably already familiar with this.

A lot of the food delivery companies are still struggling to make a profit, or in the case of Grubhub, boost profits. The situation is similar to how the ride-share giants, while enormously well known and capable of generating huge revenues, are still looking for means to achieve profits. And in the case of Uber and Uber Eats, the situation is not only similar, but intertwined.

What all this means for you is that food delivery companies have continued to increase prices over time. If you’ve been ordering food delivery for years, you’ve probably felt fees increasing over time and discounts have dried up.

Actually calculating delivery fees is difficult and varies widely depending on what service you’re ordering from. In general, the premise goes something like this:

Most services have a base ‘delivery fee’ that they charge you no matter what. This fee varies based on the restaurant, the day of the week, the time of day, etc. Usually the base delivery fee is something relatively standard, such as $1.99, $3.99, etc. The big difference between what the different companies charge are the service fees they charge.

FoodBoss Food Delivery Avoid Hidden Delivery Fees

You probably don’t know, but the majority of the cost for ordering food delivery comes from service fees, not delivery fees like those above. Service fees vary based on which food delivery service you use.

They often range from 10% to 30% of your total cost of the food you’re ordering. Meaning, if you order $30 worth of food from a restaurant, you could be charged an extra $7.50 fee on top of the delivery fee of $1-$3. Service fees can make a huge difference in the total cost of any food delivery order.

Most people who only use one app think that food delivery will be a lot cheaper than it ends up being on the final bill. If you’ve ordered food delivery anytime in the last 2 years, you're probably familiar with this story.

You found a great restaurant with a low delivery fee and you do the math in your head and the final bill you think will be like $20-$24. Then when you’ve added items to your cart, you get ready to pay the bill - and it’s $34. What happened?

Well, that is what a service fee will do to your bill. You might not even know you’re getting charged a service fee. Some of the food delivery companies slip it into the final bill in a ‘Taxes and Fees’ tab.

If you don’t pay attention, your estimate for the final food delivery cost will be wildly off because of service fees. Luckily for you, you don’t need to estimate in your head any more.

With FoodBoss, you can estimate service fees and how much your total food delivery order will cost.

FoodBoss shows you the total cost you can expect to pay for food delivery from any restaurant depending on the service. Here is an example below:

Each service charges a different price for delivery to this restaurant. You can sort and find the cheapest option every time. And this price is based on an expected cart size of $15. If you plan to spend $30 at the restaurant, fees will be higher because the service fee will be higher.

And as you can see, in addition to sorting by fees, you can also sort and decide which service you want to order from with delivery time estimates. If you’re hungry and in need of food fast, then this sort may be the best option for you.

Food Delivery Savings

Everyone likes saving time and money and with FoodBoss, the best food delivery app, it is now a lot easier. Get your food delivered better, faster, and cheaper with the ultimate food delivery tool. Download the app today and see how FoodBoss can save you money on food delivery today!

Unlike every other app that claims to offer the best deal, we actually compare them and show you which is the best deal for each specific restaurant. This is what makes FoodBoss the cheapest food delivery app hands down. Who knows, you might even be able to find free delivery at one of your favorite restaurants!

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