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Restaurants are struggling to stay afloat and keep employees paid; however there are still many ways you can support local restaurants and employees and get some great food at the same time. Here are just a couple of ways you can still do your part to support your favorite local restaurants in your city. Not every restaurant may have all these options available, but most restaurants have attempted to find a way to support themselves and their employees through some means.

Here are the easiest four ways to help local restaurants during the coronavirus epidemic.

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1. Order Takeout, Delivery, or Pickup from Local Restaurants

Not every restaurant is completely shut down, as you probably know by now. Many restaurants are finding ways to stay open even though dine-in options are currently shut down. A lot of restaurants across the country are keeping delivery and take-out options open during this crisis. These restaurants are some of the few options where people can turn for easily accessible food. You can still order with many restaurants, which in turn provides them with much-needed revenue to continue to pay staff.

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2. Buy Gift Cards

If you want to do more to help restaurants, consider buying gift cards from them. They will get the cash they are in need of to pay employees and their rents, while you in return get a gift card to a great restaurant, which you can use once the epidemic is over and restaurants begin to open back up.

3. If Available, Buy Merchandise

A lot of restaurants sell merchandise with their logo or brand printed on things like t-shirts, cups, etc. This is another option where you can still provide a restaurant with revenue, while at the same time getting something you will love in return.

4. Donate to a Relief Fund for Workers

Some restaurants have been forced to reduce or furlough many workers. These workers are struggling, and many are out of work. While they may have qualified for unemployment benefits, that isn’t always enough to get by, and they still need more help. A lot of restaurants have set up specific funds for their employees, so if you have a favorite place you frequent and want to give to their workers, chances are there is a relief fund you can find.

There are still many ways you can help restaurants and restaurant employees during this difficult time. While ordering food is probably the most familiar with us, there are reasons why it’s not always the most practical. For instance, if you live outside a restaurant's delivery range or if you happen to want to support a restaurant in a city where you don’t actually live. In which case, the other options on this list are great alternatives.

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