An Introduction to The Uppercrust Pizzeria

Now with 10 locations in the US, Uppercrust Pizzeria has been serving tasty and fresh pizzas in the Boston area for years. The Beacon Hill location, located on Charles Street, covers most of the downtown Boston area. Serving up slices, full pies, salads, sandwiches, calzones, and wings, there’s something for everyone. We recently included Uppercrust Pizzeria’s Beacon Hill location on our list of the Best Pizza Restaurants in Boston. If you want a great option for pizza in the downtown Boston area, give The Uppercrust Pizzeria a try.

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The Restaurant

Here is a quick overview of Uppercrust Pizzeria - Beacon Hill from Google Reviews:

The Upper Crust Pizzeria

20 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114, United States

Family-friendly pizzeria serving inventive pies & oven-roasted sandwiches in a simple setting.

Comfort food · Quick bite · Cosy

4.2 Stars, 385 Reviews, $

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With over 200 ratings and a star rating of 4.8, they’re obviously doing something right at Uppercrust Pizzeria. The people love it and keep coming back. They offer 14” and 18” pizzas which are roughly $16 and $22 respectively. They also offer catering options if you’re in need of food for a party.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from The Uppercrust Pizzeria. Hear from other people who have already eaten at The Uppercrust Pizzeria to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination in Boston. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

Upper Crust was recommended to us by a family member who lives in town - so we had to check it out. Their limited online presence was a little concerning, but usually those end up being the best pizza places! This one was no different. Upper Crust also offers a Halal menu for those that need to stick to that kind of menu. I ran into trouble trying to get bacon in my calzone because of it, but I didn't have a problem substituting it out. We walked in and ordered to dine-in and experienced a little bit of a language barrier with the assumed-owner of the place. Between the barrier, brash attitude and the loud TV, it made it difficult for us to order - however - everything came out as ordered and it was super delicious! I got a calzone with pepperoni and sausage (pizza sauce comes on the side). It was on the larger side and I ended up taking some of it home for leftovers. If you dine-in, be warned that they serve it with very flimsy plastic silverware that makes it a chore to eat.

Review 2:

Underwhelmed. I have picked up delivery from there before as a Dasher and then the reviews looked promising so I decided to fork over more money than it was worth and Doordash my order, especially since the wait time was to be shorter than if I had gotten it delivered from UC directly. First off, I know as a DD driver that Upper Crust requires you to have a hot bag when picking up but for some reason the Dasher arrived at my door with my 14" and 12" pizza in hand-- no bag. To my dismay the boxes were not hot and therefore I knew my pizzas wouldn't be either. I was right. Lukewarm pies - YUCK. I didn't shell out $35 for mediocrity. Although I drive for DD, I promised that I wouldn't order through them bcz I've seen other drivers not use the hot bag, I always do and this is precisely why, NO ONE WANTS COLD FOOD. As far as the pizzas go....meh. I ordered the cheeseburger pizza for my kids and a white pizza for me. Flavors were okay but then the crust was definitely not NY style as some had purported. It was just regular like grocery store pizza and with that, Aldi's take home pizzas are way better! I really wanted to like this place but aside from my first Doordash experience, this place was only okay. I have had better pizza delivered from Boli's for much less. Overall, I have to say though that Pub Dog pizza is still by far my favorite pizza place in Columbia.

Review 3:

After doing my oil change that took me way to long to complete, I was starving. Upper Crust is nearby and I felt like having a gyro and wings. Put my order in over the phone for pickup and drove over 20 mins later. The guy running the front was friendly and pleasant. Once I got home and opened my food, I noticed I did not receive my blue cheese with the 6 honey bbq wings. Oh well, the wings were pretty good....but notice my photo of the receipt! Those wings were over a buck each! I compared these prices to other wings in the area and it seems to be on par. I normally do my own wings and didn't realize how much they cost. I should open a business! Lol The gyros were pretty good. The feta comes in really big squares so I crumbled them to get them more even throughout. We had one chicken and one lamb gyro. Both are tasty. All in all, not the most amazing meal you'll have, but you also won't be disappointed on a busy day/night when you need a quick bite.

Wrap Up

Uppercrust Pizzeria is a solid choice for any pizza lover. Multiple locations offer a great standard menu, but specifically we looked at the experiences of customers who ate at the Beacon Hill location. With great reviews like those above from Yelp, it's no surprise that the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston agrees that Uppercrust Pizzeria is a fantastic pizza location.

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