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Piu Bello Pizzeria Restaurant

2014 Powers Ferry Rd #450, Atlanta, GA 30339, United States

Straightforward strip-mall pizzeria offering New York–style pies & slices, plus pasta & calzones.

Comfort food · Quick bite · Casual

4.3 Stars, 178 Reviews, $

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Been going to Piu Bello for years now. It's a chill Italian/Pizza place in the middle of Buckhead tucked away in a bustling shopping plaza. Tons of parking as it shares a lot with Starbucks, Kroger, Jason's Deli, and other little shops. Prime location and easy enough to get to even on busy Saturday afternoon.

This place is never busy but always has a great stream of customers constantly dropping in. Open 7 days a week, 11-10 this place never fails. You can come in and sit down and they'll give you a menu and serve you or you can go up to the register and order a pizza or whatever to go and they'll check you out immediately. They also recently remodeled so great seating options and calm and chill atmosphere.

Service is quick and food is solid. I usually order the chicken Marsala with pasta. The sauce is always delicious and the chicken is always seasoned so well and it satisfies all my unhealthy carb cravings. Also try the garlic knots! They are great and come with marinara sauce. Most people come in and out order pizza by the slices or have a a box delivered. Their pizza is decent and seemingly fresh but I always stay for the pasta.

I'd say give your chain Italian place a rest and definitely try Piu Bello.

  • Christina I.

Work near the ATV and craving Pizza? Then def stop by this place.
Location- Piu Bello Pizzeria is located the same plaza as the Kroger across from the ATV.

Seating- Limited seating so try to come at an off time. We went at 12:10 ish for lunch and we got lucky to find a seat. This place is very popular.

Ordering - Go up front to order and pay. Then seat yourself and wait for your food to be brought to you.

Service- Excellent. Very friendly and family restaurant feel.

Food- The pizza is delicious. I highly recommend the pesto chicken and bbq chicken.

Highly recommend and shall be back for more yummy carbs :P

  • Helen H

We've lived within 5 minutes of Piu Bello Pizzeria restaurant for about a year, and it took that long to visit one day for lunch.

I'm torn about Piu Bello, because they do some things excellently, and then other things need a lot of work.  Lemme s'plain.

We visited and ordered the following:

Meat lover slice of pizza ($3.95)

Meatball Parmigiana ($10.95)

Gnocchi bolognese ($13.95)

The meatball sub and gnocchi were to go orders, and while we waited, we shared a slice of pizza.  Let me tell you, had we stopped with the slice of pizza, it would be 5 stars easily.  Crispy crust, bursting with flavor as well as fresh toppings.  It's a GOOD slice of pie!  They cut it down the middle for us and that one slice looked like 2 regular size slices from your local chain restaurants.

We went home and tried are to go meals, which sadly didn't live up to the pizza.  We had a bite or two of the Meatball Parmigiana.  I thought it just tasted like cooked/unseasoned ground beef in red sauce.  My girlfriend enjoyed it very much.  This also came with french fries.  I did enjoy the fries a lot.  They were very crispy on the outside while soft in the middle.  Who knew that an Italian place would get french fries right!

The gnocchi was dense, chewy and i've had much much better.  The actual bolognese sauce itself was simply okay, and didn't have strong flavors to support the not so great gnocchi  I would not recommend least not as a to go order (or if your drive back home is longer than 5 minutes).

Located in a strip anchored by Kroger, Piu bello doesn't really have many problems in terms of parking, and the seating here is adequate for about 30 people at a time.

Staff here at Piu bello really are great, very friendly and aim to please.

Piu Bello, at least in terms of pizza know exactly what they're doing, so if you'd like a slice, grab a slice and enjoy.  I'm sure their other menu items are excellent in restaurant.  In our case, the to go items just weren't as great as the pizza slice.

  • Jamarcus T.

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