An Introduction to Sicily’s pizza and subs

Sicily’s Pizza and Subs serves New York Style pizza. The dough is made fresh daily in house and the cheese comes straight from farmers in Wisconsin. Opened in 1989, Sicily’s Pizza and Subs has been keeping it real ever since and serving up delicious slices for all in the Detroit area to appreciate. This along with the great reviews they constantly receive is why they were recently included in our Best Pizza Restaurants in Detroit article. Keep scrolling for more information about Sicily’s pizza and subs below!

Here is a quick overview of Sicily’s pizza and subs from Google Reviews:

Sicily's Pizzeria & Subs

3554 W, Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI 48216, United States

4.3 Stars, 240 Reviews, $$

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Sicily’s pizza and subs in Detroit strives to serve delicious pizza at a reasonable cost in a casual, but clean restaurant environment. A solid 4.3 star rating with almost 250 reviews helped land them a spot on our list of best pizza restaurants in Detroit this year.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Sicily’s pizza and subs. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Sicily’s pizza and subs to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

Decided to give the spot another chance after the manager responded on my review. I didn't end up speaking to him, but I did decide to order and "pop up" to see if they'd do a good job without his influence. I ended up getting two different flavored boneless wings. Apparently you can't mix sauces even if you would pay extra which is weird to say the least. The service was still mediocre. I still had a little issue with them again in making the order. Overall I left with the two pizzas and two different wings and it was too pricey for the food to be this mediocre. Don't get me wrong - those wings? They were SLAPPIN! Probably their best food in there, in fact! (So if they did let you customize them however you wanted that'd really make them a lot better. I'd go so far to say they should focus on making this a wing place more than pizza.) Their pizza however? Mediocre. I've had great pizza, good pizza and fast food "restaurant" chain pizza and this is actually more bland than a hot and ready while it's still hot. Dough is too tough while the extra cheese was too little. I asked to get butter garlic Parmesan on the phone which they forgot. Watched them put it in the box when they were there and asked again and the guy literally turned and said "put Parmesan all over it." Like... really? How do you get simple communication right to your face wrong? BUTTER GARLIC PARMESAN Three simple words in the pizza world and you chose one. Without that butter the pizza was pretty dry even with the sauce included. I tried with this place, but it's not going uphill unless it does better in service, pizza or at least flexibility on the custom wing orders. Heck the place could probably survive off the wing customizing alone. They just don't want to do the extra work to let you mix and match your wings.

Review 2:

I ordered delivery and I received my food quick and boy was it delicious! I got 10 regular wings with ranch and buffalo sauce on the side and a "The Sicily" pizza. The wings were so yummy I didn't even need the sauce. But the ranch and buffalo sauces were both very good. The buffalo was a little hot for me so I'm glad I got it on the side, but great flavor. No complaints on the pizza whatsoever. The meatballs were nice and tender. I got a small pizza but they didn't skimp on the toppings at all. And the food even looked good, which is a weird thing to say, but also much appreciated when food actually LOOKS appetizing. I'm not sure if the delivery driver was the pizzeria's or not but he was very polite as well. I'm a happy camper!

Review 3:

It's an Italian joint in the middle of Mexicantown. Sure, I'll bite. Sicily's is your "old faithful" neighborhood joint that just has to have good food. I had a hankering for pizza, but once I got in there and saw the variety of menu options, I ended up with a lasagna dinner for just over $8. I got a pretty sizeable portion of lasagna PLUS a side salad AND a nice sized order of garlic bread. It looked and tasted so homemade -- deliciso! I split the meal in half and had enough for dinner and lunch the next day. I can't wait to get back there to try something else! I was the only one in there and it took a while for anyone to tend to me, but the guy was very friendly and took good care of me.

Wrap Up

Sicily’s Pizza and Subs is a nice mix of casual eatery, but also a real restaurant feel. The environment is relaxed and welcoming and you’ll be sure to enjoy a good slice. Reasonable costs are also always a nice benefit when searching for a great pizza restaurant and you'll find that here.

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