An Introduction to Sajo's Gourmet Pizzeria

Sajo's Gourmet Pizzeria is not going to win any awards any time soon for creating the best or the most innovative pizza in the world. That said, they do a great job making standard pizza that people seem to love. If you want a quick bite of pizza in Providence, this is a safe and reliable solution. Recently, Sajo's Gourmet Pizzeria was included in the FoodBoss Experience’s Best Pizza Restaurants in Providence article.

Here is a quick overview of Sajo's Gourmet Pizzeria from Google Reviews:

Sajo's Gourmet Pizzeria

85 Richmond St, Providence, RI 02903, United States

Late-night food · Comfort food · Quick bite

4.6 Stars, 151 Reviews, $

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Sajo's Gourmet Pizzeria serves up solid pizza at very reasonable prices. This is just another reason why this pizzeria is popular in the Providence area. Google reviews show a solid 4.6 star rating with over 150 reviews thus far for this restaurant.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Sajo's Gourmet Pizzeria. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Sajo's Gourmet Pizzeria to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

I'm not sure why this was rated low. Wide variety of food from pizza to Greek. We even had baclava for desert!  The pizza was nice and crispy. I had a calzone (the small one) and it was just huge!  It took up the whole 16" tray. And the owner was very friendly. Several locals (I'm guessing from the near by college) came in for food as well. Glad to eat there and glad to support small local restaurants.

Review 2:

Wow this pizza is so bad. And even when you're drunk from the club it doesn't taste good. This place is OVERPRICED as heck. Tonight we came out of Ego and came in here for a slice. We ordered two, and the man behind the counter pressured us to order 3 because that's their "special" and he thought we were drunk. It's $3.50 per slice and $9.99 for 3 slices. BUT the cherry on top of the cake is that there are TWO YOUNG GIRLS WORKING. they are 12 years old at most and it is 2am right now. When questioned about it they joked and said "haha they are training". No no no, that is illegal. Those girls should be in bed and absolutely not working the register at your terrible pizza shop and dealing with DRUNK CUSTOMERS. This is not an appropriate place for young people to be. Other thing to mention are: not clean, touching things with their bare hands, empty garlic and oregano and salt and pepper, barely warmed pizza, tasted like freezer pizza. Fellinis is way better. Please don't go here.

Review 3:

Stumbled upon this pizzeria while in town for a wedding. In a city known for its Italian food, this is a nice neighborhood spot on the corner of Richmond and Franklin Streets. I got two slices of thin crust with a 20 ounce soda for $6.47. It's your traditional New York-style pie. My slices were freshly made since there was no pie previously made. Happy to support these small, local businesses. They need our patronage or they'll cease to exist in no short time.

Wrap Up

Sajo's Gourmet Pizzeria is one of the many great pizza options available in the city of Providence. Try it for yourself to see what you think! You can order food delivery from Sajo's Gourmet Pizzeria here and get it delivered right to your door in Providence.