An Introduction to Rusconi Pizza Pub

Rusconi Pizza Pub is named after the Rusconi brothers (Domenick and Pete). They took over their father’s seed store back in 1917. They emphasize the use of handmade dough in all their pizzas. Rusconi Pizza Pub features weekly events such as happy hours each weekday and trivia or Thursday night football watch parties. Additionally, Rusconi’s Pizza Pub hosts entertainment options ranging from live acoustic music during Happy Hours to late night sets to the top Cincinnati DJ's.Keep scrolling for more information about Rusconi Pizza Pub below!

Here is a quick overview of Rusconi Pizza Pub - Cincinnati from Google Reviews:

Rusconi Pizza Pub

126 W 6th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States

Casual, laid-back Italian joint offering a range of pies & chicken wings plus beers & cocktails.

Happy hour food · Late-night food · Happy hour drinks

4.0 Stars, 493 Reviews, $$

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Rusconi Pizza Pub might not blow your socks off with their reviews from Google, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a worthwhile stop for any pizza lover. The weekly events will draw an interesting crowd that most other pizzerias can’t match. Pizzas are about $15 for a small and $20 for a large.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Rusconi Pizza Pub. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Rusconi Pizza Pub to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination in Cincinnati. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

First time on Ohio. First meal in Ohio. Late night, perfect pizza. The Margarita Pizza with Red Sauce instead of pesto was the best way to end an evening. THE FOOD was GREAT, the pizza was perfect, very flavorful, enough cheese,perfect amount of sauce, not dry, not too thin or thick,it was just perfect. The fries were good. THE SERVICE was also great. It was pretty packed and they seemed a little understaffed, but the server( which I can't think of his name, sorry) was great! He had the entire operation under control. He was a GREAT multitasker, very friendly, very controlled, very fast very personable. He showed each customer attention with care. I loved it. He also gave little perks for the wait time. Overall a great experience.The vibe of the place was pretty cool, they he outside eating also, but a nice little bar setting plus additional table on the side. Cool vibe for a date or hanging with friends, or even a solo night out chilling by the bar and making new friends.Overall great food, great vibe, friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Thank you!!!

Review 2:

Let me start by saying I haven't actually tried the pizza but I did come here on a Friday night for when it's more of a bar/nightclub. It was a decent sized crowd when we arrived at 10 pm but by midnight it was pretty crowded! There is security when you first arrive that does pat you down. There are tables you can reserve to sit at, but there's really no need unless you have uncomfortable shoes! Appartbetky there's a nice outdoor area that's open in better weather but it was a little too cold (it's February) to check it out! Whenever I make it back to try some pizza I'll update my review! But if you're looking for a good time on a Friday night come through! It was great music, mostly hip hop and rap.

Review 3:

Stopped in recently one night with some friends because we heard they had a whole bunch of old arcade video games in the basement. It looks like it is a pizza restaurant during the day, a club at night, and an old arcade in the basement. We headed straight to the basement and proceeded to have a good time. There was a table set up for beer pong and this is where we started, reliving our younger college days. After that we started playing arcade video games, going back to when we were children. There were also home video game consoles set up with TVs in multiple paces such as Sega Genesis. We played Ninja Turtles, Streetfighter, Space Invaders, Ms. Pac Man, racing games, etc. It was Friday and someone said that it was free game day. I can't vouch if this was true but whenever we needed tokens to play the games the bartender would just hand us a stack. We just made sure we bought drinks throughout the evening. The bar in the basement was cash only which was the only downside.When we left, the upstairs had a dj spinning some good electronic dance/club music. We all enjoyed ourselves and will probably return for the games. I might even check out the pizza some time. If I find myself coming here again and checking out some of the other parts of the business I could see giving them a higher rating. Definitely had fun with the old games!

Wrap Up

Rusconi Pizza Pub is a good pizza option if you’re craving a slice in Cincinnati. It might not be the epitome of fine dining, but that doesn't mean you can’t still enjoy the meal. Good food with good company and lively entertainment is the perfect combination and you’ll find this all at Rusconi Pizza Pub.

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