An Introduction to Pizzeria Sapienza

At Pizzeria Sapienza, they’re all about thin-crust, New York style pizza. You can find an easy, quick meal here for a pretty low cost. Additionally, Pizzeria Sapienza was recently included on the FoodBoss Experience’s list of the Best Pizza Restaurants in Charlotte. Pizzeria Sapienza is a terrific option for a quick slice in Charlotte. Keep scrolling for more information about Pizzeria Sapienza.

Here is a quick overview of Pizzeria Sapienza - Charlotte from Google Reviews:

Pizzeria Sapienza CLT

620 N Church St, Charlotte, NC 28202, United States

Comfort food · Quick bite · Cosy

4.6 Stars, 183 Reviews, Price n/a

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Pizzeria Sapienza has gained a pretty good reputation on Google. With a 4.6 star rating and over 150 reviews, there is more than enough evidence that suggests Pizzeria Sapienza is a great option for pizza in the Charlotte area. Prices for a pizza range from about $18 on the low end up to about $26 (large pizza).

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Pizzeria Sapienza. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Pizzeria Sapienza to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination in Charlotte. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

I stopped by here a couple of Friday nights ago with my wife and both sets of our parents.  As I often do the night before a marathon, I was looking for a highly rated pizza place on Yelp and Pizzeria Sapienza CLT just happened to be that place.  It's located in a residential part of Charlotte and has some high ceilings.  As you walk into the restaurant the first thing that you notice is all of the slices that they have for sale but there's also a giant menu hanging along the wall.  Beyond that they have a large seating area and then around the corner is a bar that seated maybe 10 people which was packed the night that we were there.  Finally the walls have some fun and goofy art which I noticed because quite a few pictures had cats and pizza combined which I loved.For dinner on this evening my wife and I decided to split a half cheese and half pepperoni pizza.  Pizzeria Sapienza CLT is the type of place where you order at the cash register and then they bring it out to you whenever it is ready.  Our pizza here like all pizzas can be broken down into its three major components: cheese, crust and sauce.  First off the cheese on this pizza was great and had a nice flavor to it.  The crust was similarly good as it had a great bite and chew to it without being too soft or too crispy.  Finally I also really enjoyed the sauce here as there was an ample amount of it and you could really taste the oregano which I dug.  By the time dinner was over our pizza was gone, so it must have been good.The bottom line for me is that I would stop by here again in the future.  Both my wife and I enjoyed the pizza and I was a really big fan of both the crust and sauce.

Review 2:

I like the pizza here, but I need to give it another try. I had ordered a slice of the mushroom pizza and it was good, but I think a plain cheese slice would've been a better way to judge. I'm a NJ boardwalk, NY-style pizza kinda girl and these slices fit that bill for sure.. big slices, stringy cheese, and thinner crust. The mushroom just wasn't my favorite and that's on me.

I give only 3 stars due to the fact that when ordering, I came with a group of 4 and we all decided to do the 1 of any slice plus garlic knots deal, but as the last of the 4 to order, they ran out of knots. They gave us all the knots we had to share and an apology and I think they gave us a discount, but it still wasn't enough knots. I also was a little disappointed with the knots themselves. The knots were small and weirdly sweet... not my thing, but the others in my group liked it. The other reason for the 3 stars is that all our meals came with a drink, but their soda machine was out of ice and warm soda SUCKs.I will definitely give this place another try, but I was disappointed by this particular visit.

Review 3:

It's a great uptown lunch spot. Great specials, large slices, good food.I've stopped in a few times to pick up a slice and some side, and every time I'm pleased with my choices. I've had their pepperoni, meat lovers and most recently the buffalo chicken slice. I absolutely love that they don't skimp on toppings...the pizza is covered from crust to point. The sauce to cheese ratio is perfect (in my opinion) and the dough has that delicious crusty bottom, which is a sign of a good pizza. It's also not greasy, so no napkin dabbing here. Their salads are a good portion for a side, and their garlic knots are a hit. Although, I wouldn't recommend them if you have a definitely need gum or mints to mask that powerful and delicious garlic punch (they are delish!).Definitely stop by here to grab a slice in uptown, you won't be disappointed.

Wrap Up

The reviews for Pizzeria Sapienza speak volumes. People enjoy the pizza and that’s the reason for the high star ratings. S you probably read above, these slices are big. They really embrace the NY Style slice at this local restaurant in Charlotte.

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