An Introduction to New York Pizza & Pasta

Located northwest of the Strip, you can find New York Pizza & Pasta. Owned by 2 brothers who learned to make pizza from their father back in Brooklyn where they were born, this place serves up some amazing New York style pizza. With an emphasis on fresh food, the atmosphere is also friendly and casual. It’s the perfect spot to bring a family for a meal out. Recently, we featured New York Pizza & Pasta in our Best Pizza Restaurants in Las Vegas article.

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Here is a quick overview of New York Pizza & Pasta from Google Reviews:

New York Pizza & Pasta

2400 S Jones Blvd #12, Las Vegas, NV 89146, United States

4.6 Stars, 399 Ratings, $$

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New York Pizza & Pasta is a traditional and standard type of New York style pizzeria. Despite this, they still maintain a 4.6 star rating average from Google Reviews with roughly 400 reviews to their name. Affordable prices again make it a great spot to bring the family for a dinner out on the town.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from New York Pizza & Pasta. Hear from other people who have already eaten at New York Pizza & Pasta to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

Of the many low-key and under-rated food spots littered around the Vegas Valley, New York Pizza & Pasta is one of the sneaky good Italian options on the west side of town. Tucked in a strip mall and ran by a family with a passion for good food they hit all the right notes. They've recently renovated and made some minor upgrades to make the place look cleaner and more modern. Not what you'd expect from the exterior of the strip mall. I've gone here often and have had many menu items. Their pastas are great and their pizzas also very good. This time we got pizza and garlic knots. The pizza is a think crust cooked perfectly and LOADED with cheese. The kind of meaty cheese like cartoons where the strings go on and on. But not too cheesy. Like just on the cusp of it being too much. I don't live anywhere near here but anytime I'm on this side of town I try and stop by. I highly recommend you do the same!

Review 2:

Homie. There is just something about places that me and my family just love. Perhaps it's the way they call me Betty (my name is not Betty) or the varying options of ranch sizes  (lil cup, big cup, or big ass cup). I don't know but this place gets me. It's in the Spring Valley neighborhood (Such a plus), and set in the not so glamorous plaza  near 7-11 and a pawn shop. The restaurant itself is rather large and we've only ate inside once but enjoyed the family style atmosphere (families bickering, sound of clattering in the kitchen and old school music - just like home). They were attentive and made sure were good. The food: It sounds boring but the plain cheese pizza is delicious - if you get something so basic this good hats off to you. My man sometimes orders a supreme style pizza but it isn't my jam the veggies still have a slight raw bite that he enjoys. We always order the chicken fingers also, these are huge individually pieces (4 pcs is there large order - or order the bucket it's like 12 pcs or something like that). 4 pieces are good enough for the 3 people. We like them ordered plain, and get hot sauce on the side. Lastly there ranch, ((((hand claps)))) is sooo good has a slight hint of garlic and celery you can taste. The fact that you can order a ranch cup in various sizes just blew our mind cause we go through it like water. I've also made peace with new name Betty, we're all friends now.

Review 3:

Love this place for authentic east coast pizza (translation...foldable and greasy!), hearty NY style subs (meatball parm is to die for) & huge portion pasta dishes. Super casual environment!!  The right side is a walk up counter you can order take out and the left side is a seated dining room option with booths and tables.   There's also a big room off the dining room that looks like it would be good for semi-private large parties/meetings. They serve beer & wine....great prices ($3.50 for Peroni!).  Food prices are ok....expected it to be a little cheaper.  Average entree price is $13-ish (includes salad & garlic bread). Family owned and everybody treats you like they've known you forever.

Wrap Up

New York Pizza & Pasta is a highly rated and great option that you’ll find a little bit off the beaten path for most tourists, but in a great spot if you’re a local. New York Pizza & Pasta will provide you with a delicious meal at a reasonable price at a location that is casual and comfortable.

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