An Introduction to Marco's Pizza

Marco's Pizza is one of the highest rated pizza restaurants in Memphis. With Italian style pizza, sauce, cheese, and dough, Marco’s uses a historical recipe from their founder that has maintained its classic flavors. The franchise has become very popular in the Nashville area, leading it to be featured in our article, What are the Best Pizza Restaurants in Memphis: The Complete List.

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Here is a quick overview of Marco's Pizza from Google Reviews:

Midtown Crossing Grill

394 N Watkins St, Memphis, TN 38104, United States

4.4 Stars, 278 Ratings, $

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Marco's Pizza is an upbeat and colorful pizza place that offers more than great tasting pies. They allow you to build your own pizza, as well as a few signature pizzas like the “all meat” or “white cheezy”.  Some reviews claim to be unimpressed with the pizza, but others say great things about the crispy thin crust and the consistency of the quality. Marco’s has a 4.6 star rating and 57 customers on Google that have shared a personal testimony of their experience.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Marco's Pizza. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Marco's Pizza to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

I'll be honest and say that this review is probably a 3.5 but I'll round up. I started going to Marco's soon after it opened and as a general rule, the experience has been fine as long as you order online. Ordering online has several benefits: 1) Can customize and have a fairly high chance of getting your desired combinations 2) Lower prices In the months since opening, Marco's has had consistency issues. The garden salad which started off oh so fresh with ingredients has seen some decline. Pizza meanwhile is great. Cheezy bread is usually good. Wings are not their thing, in my opinion. Overall, a great choice for getting your pizza fix and some other sides. Oddly, you should order when Marco's is busy. During slower periods, I've noticed the order overall not be as crisp (i.e. pizza not cut fully, the aforementioned salad issue, etc.) Some staff have been very friendly and others not so much. I haven't experienced any rudeness but you can see the difference in people's vibe. But you go for grub not friendships. Space appeared clean and there's room to dine in if you so choose.

Review 2:

was told about this restaurant by a coworker; so I was encouraged to check it out. So over the past weekend, I had the opportunity.  The customer service was nice and friendly and the staff was very helpful with my request for two different boxes for my order.  I came in with a friend just for lunch to go.  We have different tastes in pizza, I enjoy meat and my friend likes pineapple.  That's why we needed two separate boxes.  The atmosphere is nice, but it is the standard for a strip mall-- small, clean and new.  There is ample seating and the parking can be tight during the lunch rush.  The food was delicious. I tried the All Meat pizza.  My half of the large pizza was full of meat , pepperoni , ham, sausage and bacon.  It was good and the meat was sufficient. I would like to see a little more cheese, cheese.  I thought it was ok, but my wife was really impressed and said she would have no problem going back.  My friend ordered a pizza with chicken and pineapple and said it was delicious, but it needed a little more chicken. You can find lower priced and comparable types of pizza at the local chain shops.  To better compete, I feel they will need to find a way to really shine.  I'll go back to see if they can.

Review 3:

I tried Marco's for the first time Saturday night. I ordered a small pizza with a few of my favorite toppings, some garlic and parmesan crust flavorings and some cinnabread. The wait was less than 20 minutes by far, I didn't even check my watch at all. The staff showed me my food to double check that everything was okay. The pizza looked perfect, but when I got home I actually got to go work lol. The pizza was SO GOOD,I mean really good. My friend ordered a plain pepperoni pizza, and enjoyed it, but I would definitely recommend adding a few more toppings. She was disappointed in her pizza after tasting mine lol. The grilled chicken, mushrooms, spinach, and jalapenos I ordered on my pizza were cooked perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised by Marco's.   When you walk in the staff greets you all at once, I didnt get this greeting but noticed a few other customers did. Not even going to mention why that was… If you're in the area check it out, the pizza's pretty great.

Wrap Up

Memphis has plenty of tasty pizza restaurants you could check out when you’re in the mood for pizza. However, Marco's Pizza is on the top-list side of ratings and has great options for delivery and prime customer service.

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