An Introduction to East Glisan Pizza Lounge

East Glisan Pizza Lounge is a super popular restaurant in the Portland area that specializes in creating innovative thin-crust pizzas. A laid back vibe welcomes all who come in to enjoy their pizza. You will find tons of great beers on tap and many amazing cocktails. Late night and happy hour food is available so you can keep the party going well into the night. Recently, East Glisan Pizza Lounge was included in the FoodBoss Experience’s Best Pizza Restaurants in Portland article.

Here is a quick overview of East Glisan Pizza Lounge from Google Reviews:

East Glisan Pizza Lounge

8001 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97213, United States

Laid-back haunt with a cool vibe pairing inventive thin-crust pizzas with beers on tap & cocktails.

Happy hour food · Late-night food · Comfort food

4.6 Stars, 731 Reviews, $$

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At East Glisan Pizza Lounge, awesome thin-crust pizza is created in a casual, cool vibe environment. Reasonable prices also make this pizzeria popular in the Portland area. It’s not surprising that this place has some great numbers from Google. A tremendous 4.6 star rating and over 700 ratings.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from East Glisan Pizza Lounge. Hear from other people who have already eaten at East Glisan Pizza Lounge to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

I must have been in a dream when it came to eating pizza at East Glisan.  I mean I had this place bookmarked as a much to come to because of the vegan pizza options and menu items, cool bar with happy hour, and extensive beer taps to top it off.  Well I'm not quite sure what happened here but it was not a great eating experience. Came during happy hour and wanted to get a few slices but they only serve regular pizza during happy hour.  They told me one day a week they do have vegan slices for happy hour but it was not the day I came.  Didn't really matter because they have a whole vegan pizza menu as well as salads and appetizers so there was plenty of things to choose from. Ordered an assorted greens salad for $6 and a asked the waitress which crust options were available that were vegan.  They basically have a regular crust that is vegan but they also have a cornmeal crust that is gluten free.  I'm not a GF adverse person but I do like cornmeal and so since the lady totally recommended this as a favorite of anyone who gets it,  I ended up going with that and got the pizza called Rapini Pugliese which basically had lemon chili roasted broccoli rapini, garlic parm and what they called Mama Lil's peppers. It came with herb marinera which is always my go to to judge a pizza.  I also got their own named IPA which is made by Montavilla Brew Works. Service was great so no issues there. Got the salad and it was fine.  It was a little boring being just greens with dressing but the greens were fresh and I liked the vinaigrette dressing.  Then came the pizza and that's were it went from wow on the visuals to the taste not so good.  First off the crust was not at all to my liking.  The corn they used was very thick grained cornmeal and it did not hold well together to make the crust.  The flavor was so bland and it got immediately soggy from the red sauce.  Then comes the taste of the toppings.  Ok I like broccoli and I've had rapini before and I know it is a bit bitter but I guess I didn't expect it to taste as bitter as it was.  It was almost not edible and this is coming from a guy who buys and eats almost every veggie on the planet and normally don't mind bitter spicy fiber-y, whatever it is I'm pretty easy going.  But this was worse than the medicine your mother made you take when you were deathly sick.  The sauce also had no pizza flavor and tasted more just like tomato sauce.  The vegan cheese wasn't bad at all but all the parts together was just not tasty at all.  I pretty much had one slice and left the rest.  I think is was the worst pizza I have had in quite a while for sure. I may have probably just made a bad set of choices on what I had for pizza.  Maybe if I had a regular crust with vegan sausage instead of what I got could have been a whole other review.  But in the meantime there are 10 other vegan pizza joints I have bookmarked in Portland and one other I went to that was outstanding so I think this place put a dent on my appetite to give this place another shot.

Review 2:

We just moved to the neighborhood and I wanted to get my boyfriend excited about all the new spots we'll be eating. Night one after a long day of moving was East Glisan Pizza. They have a whole veggie pie section of their menu and everything can be made vegan with house-made cashew cheese and sausage. We got our pizza to go so we could eat it at our new home, but it wasn't quite ready when we arrived. They offered us a seat at the bar to grab a much needed drink while we waited. My boyfriend got a Narragansett (I told him it was the Rainier of Rhode Island and he was all about it!) and I got a VERY delicious cocktail called the Bourbon Re-Mule. Our pizza was ready before our drinks were, so they kept the box warm while we finished. Thanks guys! I'd love to say the pizza actually made it home, but it didn't. We each tried a slice in the car, which turned into us devouring the WHOLE PIZZA. My plan to impress my boyfriend with our new local spots worked because he proclaimed East Glisan his new favorite pizza place. Mission accomplished.

Review 3:

If you read my reviews you know my Portland pizza pet peeve: too many thin wood fired options, not enough deep dish. What I'm craving is authentic Chicago style deep dish, and no not what they serve at that place on Alberta. East Glisan offers a much hyped, often sold out, offered only on Tuesday and Saturday's DETROIT style pizza.  It's not exactly close to Chicago-style, but thankfully different than Portland foo foo pizza.  It's very good.  What Chicago and Detroit style have in common is that the sauce goes on top.  I ordered mine with Mama Lil's Peppers and green olives for that Umami with a bit of heat experience. The venue vibe is Portland, but not in a Pearl District let's all be seen like we're on reality TV kind of way.  I like this place.  A bit subdued, quirky staff, and well stocked bar with a good beer selection. Looking forward to trying other pizzas on the menu.

Wrap Up

East Glisan Pizza Lounge is one of the many great pizza options available in the city of Portland. Try it for yourself to see what you think! You can order food delivery from East Glisan Pizza Lounge here and get it delivered right to your door in Portland.