An Introduction to Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza

Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza is among the highest rated pizza places in the Twin Cities. With multiple locations within the Twin Cities, it is a trendy chain with a new flair on the traditional pizza pie. The hip restaurant also offers drinks from a full bar and a selection of craft beers- perfect for the local Minnesota hipster. Those who have reviewed say it is one of their favorite pizza places in the city, in part because of the slightly blackened pizza bottom that gives the dish a nice char.  With exceptional service and other amazing menu items like calzones, The Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza really can’t be beat! Check out it’s ranking on the Best Pizza Restaurants in the Twin Cities article.

Here is a quick overview of Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza from Google Reviews:

Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza

512 Robert St N, St Paul, MN 55102, United States

Casual pizzeria turning out coal-fired, thin-crust specialty pies, with craft beers on tap & wine.

Happy hour food · Late-night food · Comfort food

4.4 Stars, 911 Ratings, $$

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Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza is a chain establishment in Minnesota with real wood fired pizza. Their menu allows guests to personalize their pizza with fresh toppings for their own unique creation. They also offer salads, dips, meatballs, and breadsticks as appetizers. As well as appetizers, their entrees from the grill like beef, shrimp, or chicken skewers that may seem enticing to the average pizza lover. With 4.4 stars and 911 ratings, Black Sheep seems like a great option for anyone. Along with the pizza, the staff also has great reviews. If you’re looking to order Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza already, here’s a link to find the best food delivery offer possible with FoodBoss! With FoodBoss sort by delivery options from multiple services to find the one with the lowest fees or the quickest delivery times.

Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

Stopped by Black Sheep Pizza Saturday night since Young Joni had over a 2 hour wait! Was expecting at least some sort of wait here, but were surprised to arrive and be seated right away! 4 people, 4 person booth, 3 pizzas... not a lot of room at the table for the pizzas, even with them being the 12 inch size, so that made it kind of difficult to eat. Added a house salad for $5 - was okay, but not worth $5.The pizza is on the pricier side, the 12 inch, customized pizza plus the salad ended up being a $30 check, but the simple pepperoni 12-inch was under $15. Ingredients for creating your own pizza is $2.25/each for 12-inch and $3.50 for 16-inch.Ordered #11 (harissa on the side), standard pepperoni, and a customized pizza. - #11 was delicious, Persian beef was kind of an odd touch, but worth the try! - Pepperoni was SO good! The pepperoni slices are very large and the sauce is super flavorful. A bit salty overall with pepperoni and sauce but very solid pepperoni pizza. - Customized included chicken, green pepper, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Honestly, was not a big fan of this one - chicken was shredded and tomatoes were cherry tomatoes cut in half. The shredded chicken added a weird, salty touch, almost too fatty for a pizza. Chicken breast chunks are a much better option; and the tomatoes were too big for this kind of pizza and in most bites you would just get tomato. You are allowed to substitute toppings and create half & half options.Service was okay. Waitress did not check up on us frequently. There was a point where we were all out of water and I waited 2 slices in for the side of basil I asked for. I would definitely try this place again, since it is obvious they have potential and the crust is amazing!

Review 2:

Been coming to Black Sheep pizza for about a year now and have never had a negative experience. I've dined in a handful of times, carried out a few times after going to bars in the area, and I've even ordered delivery on multiple occasions. It has NEVER disappointed. I'm a huge fan of coal fired pizzas to begin with, but Black Sheep does it best. From the friendly waitstaff to the actual pizzas, I can't say enough great things about it. I've come to the conclusion that if I move out of the North Loop neighborhood, I must move over near Eat Street or downtown St. Paul to stay close to the other locations of this gem of a place! I've tried almost every pizza on the menu and I'd have to say my top two are the #3 and #4. Personally, I love hot things that zing my taste buds and the hot salami pizza (#3) does just that. On the other hand, if I'm looking for something equally as pleasing, but may be with a group of people who don't like spicy things, I usually suggest the meatball & ricotta (#4). One of the best things about this place is that they make it extremely easy to choose the size of pizza. Just you or one other person? The small is plenty. Three people? Consider the large. Most recently, a hungry group of 5 of us ordered two larges and were barely able to finish them. Pro tip: if you can't decide on one type of pizza, they allow you to customize pizzas and can do half as one kind and half as another. Aka--guaranteed satisfaction for everyone!

Review 3:

I'd been hearing about Black Sheep Pizza for about a year and a half.  People were raving about it. I'm not one to go to a pizzeria when I'm out of town because I'm pretty much a New York/New Jersey pizza devotee. Well, I went here for lunch the other day and I can confirm that this place is worth the hype.   Please note that I've only been here once; however, the food was insanely good. The waiter recommended the "Blooming Onion".  My instincts said "no", assuming this would be a nasty Chilis/Cheesecake Factory deep-fried monstrosity.  Was I wrong!  This was an expertly roasted (non breaded) onion topped with feta and surrounded by expertly cooked peppers, potato and other root vegetables.  Delicious! Then came the pizza.  I think it was the #7 and #8 that we split....half oyster mushroom and smoked mozzarella/half wine marinated chicken and peppers.   The mushroom/mozzarella half was outstanding.  The chicken/pepper is one of the best things I've ever eaten.  Seriously.  I told the waiter this.  Please try it. I'll return to try other things.  As others have said, yes, it's a bit pricey compared to a normal pizzeria.  But it was worth it.   Go.

Wrap Up

It’s obvious that there are some cool restaurants in the Twin Cities that will satisfy your pizza cravings, Black Sheep being one of them! If you’re in the pizza market for a unique style and taste, check out Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza at one of the many locations in Minneapolis/St.Paul. Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza is the perfect spot for a lighter, wood-fired pizza when you’re going for a more earthy flavor. You can order food delivery from Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza here and get it delivered right to your door in the Twin Cities today.