An Introduction to Baby Doll Pizza

Baby Doll Pizza is a casual pizzeria with outdoor seating available for when the weather turns around. They specialize in NY-style pies with a thinner crust. Additionally, draft beers and regional wines from the area are available for purchase. Happy hour specials are available if you’re looking for a lively night out. Recently, Baby Doll Pizza was included in the FoodBoss Experience’s Best Pizza Restaurants in Portland article.

Here is a quick overview of Baby Doll Pizza from Google Reviews:

Baby Doll Pizza

2835 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97214, United States

Casual joint with outdoor seats offering locally sourced NY-style pies, draft beer & regional wine.

Late-night food · Happy hour drinks · Comfort food

4.6 Stars, 965 Reviews, $

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Baby Doll Pizza’s casual environment makes it a warm environment for a pizza meal. A no frills approach also means you can focus on the delicious food and drink they serve and not some weird theme. Baby Doll Pizza is one of the highest rated pizza restaurants in Portland. Accordingly, it has a 4.6 star rating from Google with almost 1000 reviews.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Baby Doll Pizza. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Baby Doll Pizza to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

Great location AND they serve pizza by the slice. My wife and I were visiting Portland last week from Sacramento and I'm *always* talking about how I wish there were more by-the-slice places at home. Not only does Baby Doll have by the slice pie, but they have some delicious options! We ordered two vegetarian style pizzas and the garlic knots. All were wonderful. Eating outside left us a little vulnerable to the sun, but they had umbrellas to shade us if we were on the proper side of the table. Very kind and helpful staff and the prices were great for what we got. I would definitely revisit and have already recommended it personally to a couple of our friends.

Review 2:

Finally tried BD after reading so many reviews and lists of it being a top 5 pizza destination in PDX. This review is only based on pizza by the slice and my experience there and not based on a whole pie experience. I gave Baby Doll 3 stars for being an average slice of pizza in our pizza rich city. Maybe I was a little disappointed because I had heard how great it was but I did not think it was exceptional. I tried the pepperoni, vegetarian and cheese and all were very average. The pizza by the slice selection did not look hot and fresh and actually they all looked like they had been sitting out for an hour plus, cheese looked rubbery, etc. This issue was compounded because we could see several pizzas that were just baked and looked hot and amazing but we were given the old crappy looking slices. We ordered and they heated the slices up and we also tried the garlic knots. It took a few minutes to heat the food up. Prices were reasonable coming in around $3.25/slice and mid $20s + for a whole pie. They also had sandwiches, salads and a few draft brew options but could use more. The pepperoni slice was good but far from deliciously spectacular like I was expecting based on reviews and lists produced by the Oregonian and Willlammette Week. In the context of premium pizza joints it was only average. Apizza Scholls is much better. The garlic knots were also hard and crunchy instead of break apart fluffy and buttery. Many reviews stated these were amazing but I've had better on vacation in Mexico. The restraunt is large with lots of good seating options but that also is inviting for families with excess children, so be prepared for running, yelling and an overall excessively loud environment. It would be difficult to talk me in to returning a 2nd time.

Review 3:

My wife and I have been trying to get to Baby Doll for some time and we finally made it albeit with tight time constraints. I had a slice of what looked like a thick crust with some meat, cheese, and red sauce on it. We shared an order of the garlic knots, and my wife had a meatball sub. The service was expedient. They got the job done. Unfortunately they don't take Apple Pay although it looked like they had the requisite hardware. The space is large, wide, deep and darkish though segmented into at least three seating areas, one not suitable for kids per signage. It has a distinct hipster vibe. The decor is spartan, and seemed clean enough. There appears to be street seating aplenty. The slices did not look appealing as they appeared dry and not-so-fresh. Suffice to say the slice I was served tasted better than it looked. My wife said the meatball sandwich was one of the best she'd ever had. I can tell you it looked delish. The garlic knots were buttery and wonderful. I am scoring Baby Doll Pizza a generous four stars pending my return with time to test-drive a full custom ordered pie. Until then I can recommend them but I'd stay away from the slices and order a full pizza. They just might surprise us.

Wrap Up

Baby Doll Pizza is one of the many great pizza options available in the city of Portland. Try it for yourself to see what you think! You can order food delivery from Baby Doll Pizza here and get it delivered right to your door in Portland.